Optimizing Local Search with Social Tools

Local Search MarketingThe online marketing tactics list is so long and rich, that you find it quite frustrating continuously implementing these strategies and still having no good results. Certainly every marketer wants a top place in Google’s search results page- but for that you need to invest a lot of money, be able to choose the best search engine optimization team and of course continuously innovating because competition never sleeps. If you want to give up this heavy fight and go on a battlefield that is less crowded but much more efficient, than it is time for social local search tactics. 300 207

What exactly is a social, local search engine?

Well this is the search engine which lists businesses categorized by location. Therefore, if someone from Altamonte Springs, FL, wants to find quickly a plumber service in the area, he/she will simply search using one of the local search engines. You, as the business owner, have much greater chances of being found here on local search by your customers, than if you would optimize your business only for the major search engine shark. Following the above example, if you own a Plumbing & Drain service, you normally can serve only your local community, so there is actually no need of working heavily on optimization for huge search engines. After all, what would someone from New York City do with a business listing that is located in Altamonte Springs, Florida? Search engine optimization on a large scale and for the major search engines is perfect for someone who operates a business internationally, such as a shipping company.


The best thing about social, local search:

Local search engines are gaining more and more popularity with each day. It is not even too much to admit that local search engines will slowly turn into social focal points. It’s enough if someone enters a location in the tab, hits search and he will get:

  • A listing of the best restaurants in town. In the restaurants section, someone will see them all categorized (Chinese, Italian, Balinese, etc.), so that they can find exactly what they are looking for. The more serious job you put into optimizing your business listing with well chosen presentation words, one or two catchy lines and a few suggestive photos, the higher it will rank on the local search engine, and your business will pop up first.
  • Listings of cinemas, health & beauty salons and spas, home and garden services, and many more. Social local search engines are the best to advertise, because they do not get cramped. You know exactly in which category to advertise, what kind of audience to target, and of course in which place on the map. You will never have to confront yourself with competition coming from other towns, cities, or states. This is perhaps the best thing about social local search: avoiding high competition and being left alone to market your products/services just the way you want.

Some of the best social local search tools include Yahoo! local, Insider Pages, Yelp, and Judy’s Book.


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