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Where does your brand's reputation stand?Online reputation management services are now crucial for any business to know how people perceive them across the internet. The pro2go Designs Reputation Management Services team closely monitors your brand across the web for any mentions related to your business or parts within it. It is only natural for people to search for a brand name prior to making a purchase. Does your brand control what is showing up on the first few pages of Google?

[infobox title=”Here are some things to keep in mind:”] A person’s search behaviors change depending on where they are in the sales funnel. Prior to making any type of decision, people will for a specific brand to find any negative reviews, articles, or even Twitter posts. At this point in the funnel, people are investigating and searching deeper than they normally would otherwise. A person looking for affirmation prior to purchasing or contacting a brand is more likely to view search results well beyond the first and second page. In some situations, these visitors will browse over 4 pages deep within search engines. [/infobox]

Our reputation management services monitor search engine indexes real-time for any mentions of your brand. As the reports are received we measure the sentiment of the post (or article, tweet, review, etc.), suppressing negative results and promoting positive ones. Although people may search a little deeper in this situation, it is important to at least have control over the top 10 results showing up in a search.

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  • Utilize social media platforms to create and/or boost positive buzz
  • Develop additional online assets to gain control of the top positions of search

Reputation Management Services

Your brand can be mentioned anywhere on the internet.We provide the following services in order to assist your brand in the process of mitigating negativity and magnifying positivity:

  • Ongoing monitoring of the brand across the Internet
  • Interact, promote and encourage the positive mentions as they are identified
  • Develop strategies to create additional assets for reviews and testimonials leading to your site
  • Detection of any potential issues that need to be suppressed and remove negative sentiment

Reputation Management Services: p2g Strategies

We form a strategy to highlight your best assets and overall dominate search engine results specific to your brand name in a positive light. Our reporting process is as follows:

  • We perform a search based on your brand and identify the results
  • Find people within your business that could be influencing your brand’s perceived value
  • Look through your social media assets and analyze their activity
  • Provide our professional insights with recommendations on how mitigate damaging web content
  • Develop a plan to continually participate within social media and other influential platforms

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