Pay Per Click Management For Ecommerce

E-commerce is a special type of beast. To tame it, you need experience. Fortunately for you, and us, we have plenty of it.

    We now make the following Ecommerce platforms jump through hoops of fire:

  • Google Product Ads
  • Amazon Product Ads
  • PriceGrabber
  • Etc…

You are on this page because for some reason or another you have a need to have an experts help with setting up or improving the results your Ecommerce business is getting from it’s paid advertising. Rather than tell you how great we are at it, our experience has taught us that we are far better off listing  a few examples of the industries we have already helped clients in, and the hurdles we helped them overcome. Our bet is that if you believe you have similar pains you will contact us to setup a consultation, we will impress you, and maybe everyone will benefit from getting to do some business together.

You are in the right place if……..

  • You or somebody at your company said “we need to get into the product boxes at the top right of Google. Our competitors are there and we aren’t.”
  • You are having troubles getting your products into Google Merchant Center from your store so that you can run product ads
  • You have active product ads running, but feel like the strategies aren’t as effective as they could be because of lack of experience by your Pay Per Click management team.
  • You think the person or team running your Pay Per Click campaigns gets the technical portion of the process but never stops to think how it fits into the bigger picture of your companies goals.

The simple explanation of our methodology for running Pay Per Click campaigns for Ecommerce

We will take a few paragraphs to explain in plain English why our PPC campaigns perform so well. Most Ecommerce PPC campaigns are limited right out of the gate, by having an improper connection to paid platforms like Google Adwords that allows for flexibility and precision needed to both analyze results on a product based level, but also use that information to improve results by controlling bids and targets on a granular level.

Without getting technical, our process starts by making sure we have the tools in place manage bids, and manipulate products in our product feed on a per product basis. The results of this setup effort is the ability to make surgically accurate improvements to Pay Per Click campaigns that others don’t even have the capability to make.

Example of how this give you an edge…(or why your competitors have an edge over your current setup)

Client A: Runs all of their Product ads with a single bid in adwords because they don’t have proper account setup and structure. They are willing to bid .45 cents per click on every product and keywords in their account. They get sales, but they aren’t showing up for the products and keywords that would make them the most money because their bid of .45 cents is to low, and they spending far to much money on bidding on products that are low value or don’t convert because their bidding .45 cents on a product that only costs $5 to purchase. To make matters worse, they can’t see which products are being shown for which keywords so they are often showing the wrong products at the wrong time.

Client B (InBusiness Client): This ecommerce client runs a unique ad group, target, and bid for each product. The start out with the same bids of .45 per click, but now we can see what the number of impressions, clicks, and conversion that each product is getting, and what keyword phrases are causing them. Bids for well performing and profitable  products are increased to gain more visibility, and bids of products that gain clicks but not sales at a profitable level are reduced drastically or eliminated. In addition, the products shown for high traffic generic keywords can be tweaked to show the best performer as opposed to a randomly chosen product from inventory resulting in higher order volume and better conversions.adwords_ecommerce_ppc_management_adgroups

Ecommerce Product Target Grouping

It is a bit of an eye opener when you have the clarity to make intelligent decisions about your product ads. Its starts with great ground work.

Now that the foundation is laid….The real work begins

Now that a proper base has been developed where we can see the entire sales chain all the way to purchase we can make smarter decisions. From here the focus turns to sculpting campaigns to make sure we maximize the following areas:

Target 1: Removing unrelevant and searches

If you leave the product advertising platforms to their own devices they will have your ads showing up for everything under the sun. An add for a specific bowling ball may be shown for the search “bowling balls”. While this term may get a lot of visitors it isn’t really a strong buying term and can waste a lot of your money in the process. By removing it from the available search terms you want Google to show that product for, you free up more of your budget for higher conversion keywords. This more generic terms can be added back in later in a separate adgroup designed to target generic terms with a lower target bid, but not at the beginning of your optimization process.

Target 2: Sculpting around your buying audience to remove wasted adspend

Every market has buying rhythms and yours is no different. Optimizing your campaigns based around the information provided in analytics will provide significant boost to your returns. Optimizing bids by time of day, day of week, monthly cycles, geographic areas such as states, and other factors are all important. Some clients we work have 300% swings in how traffic converts based on the time of day that traffic is generated. Investing your ad budget where buyers are active is a key component to strong ecommerce.

Target 3: Relevancy to the search

Product ads for ecommerce work differently than regular Pay Per Click Ads. You can’t target what you want to show up for (Google does that automatically based on the description and page content of your product). You can decide what you don’t want products to show up for though. The key is to get to the point where people see the right product for the right search. The more products you have, the more complex the process becomes. It’s a tedious process, but getting the right product to show up for the right search yields huge rewards in the long term. You gain a competitive advantage over competitors by get a larger share of the highest converting traffic….(long tail searches by people who already know what they want to buy and are just looking for a place to buy it.  I.e. “etonic skull bowling shoes in size 13” instead of just “bowling shoes”.

Target 4: Optimizing product feeds for better results

Target 4 is a tedious and advanced strategy, but clients who get this level of optimization become nearly impossible to beat. It involves capturing more market share of important high profit keywords by split testing new images, and product descriptions for increasing the amount of traffic that can be accessed from high value keywords. In some cases, these actions result in 300% increases in qualified traffic when compared to stock product pictures which have not been optimized.

Expanding to the other platforms…Don’t be a one trick pony

Google Product Ads is a powerful platform to generate business but it also one of many platforms that can generate business for your Ecommerce store. We often use it as proving ground for new customers and graduate optimized campaigns to other platforms with tremendous results. Among are favorites is Amazon Products, Price Grabber (Yahoo/Bing), and (Ebay). Amazon in particular generates high value traffic that is ready to buy.

Why it make sense to work with us to solve these problems

It makes sense because we have seen them before, and solved them before. We know what your going through. We know your reporting requirements, how to communicate on quarterly goals, and to be a part of your team and not just a vendor. Don’t make the mistake of giving the most important aspect of your Ecommerce business to someone in the office that is learning on the job. Contact us for an audit of your current situation. We have a variety of services for companies in almost every stage of development including:

  • Fully managed Pay Per Click campaigns
  • Strategic consulting for campaigns managed by your internal staff
  • 3rd party watch dog services for companies with expert internal PPC management staff
  • Complete management of all online marketing efforts where PPC is only a part
  • Regardless of your needs, reach out to us today and begin a conversation that can put you one step closer to having profitable ecommerce Pay Per Click campaigns.

Ecommerce Platforms our team has experience with for managing PPC campaigns

(We are preferred experts for Shopify and aspdotnetstorefront) Need help deciding which platform to put your business on? We can help you decide which is best for your needs.

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