Pay Per Click Management

Paid Search Management For Your Unique Business

The PPC arena is cutthroat and complex. Many of our clients were up for the challenge, but soon saw how crazy things can get and how much money can be wasted. There is a lot of detail that goes into pay per click management that people generally do not know prior to starting… not to mention the amount of time that is required to be successful.

As a business, your paid search provider needs to  know the subtle nuances of marketing a service or B2B solution online as opposed to an e-commerce store. Obtaining results requires the perfect combination of keyword targeting, ad copy, website sales copy, tracking, and analysis to determine what can be improved.

No client is the same as another. What works for one, could provide horrible results for another. When your business chooses PPC advertising platforms like Google Adwords, you need a custom-built strategy that takes the rhythms and nuances of your business and target customers into account. Below is a short list of only a few of the factors that are constantly evaluated by InBusiness, Inc. to improve your performance:

  • Keyword targeting  – Are your ads showing up for search terms that are causing clicks but not business? We can find them and seal the leaks for instantly more profitable campaigns.
  • Ad Copy  Click Thru Rate – For your most important keywords you want as much of the pie as you can get. We work to improve the click-thru rates of your ads on the most important phrases.
  • Ad Copy Pre-Qualification – In many cases, high click-thru rates are not the answer. If you have a high-priced product, discriminating ad copy to pre-qualify candidates before clicking is the preferred strategy.
  • Geographic Segmentation – Extremely important on a national scale but also locally. Show up where your customers are and not where they are not.
  • Bid Prices – Sometimes it pays to be #1. Other times, #3 is more profitable. We can decide.
    Variable Bidding Based On Time & Day – Customer have buying cycles. In some cases, clients are better spending their entire budget in three days of the week than spread across a whole week.
  • Landing page conversion – The copy on your landing pages can make or break a campaign. The only way to get the optimal results is to test, test, and test some more.
  • Remarketing – Visitors who visit your site once are 19 times more likely to buy from you. We can help you follow them around the web and constantly show your advertising.
  • Add-ons – Get your address, additional links, mobile marketing, and many other features included in your campaigns for more visibility and higher click-thru.

How To Achieve Exceptional Results Using PPC

Most PPC providers point to “their expertise” or “proprietary technology” as the reason why you should use them as a PPC consultant. It is important to know the technical tools that can help improve your performance, but what really matters is not “our expertise.” What matters is your business, and how your customers use the internet.

[testimony label=”Joe Mouad – Ground Source Landscaping”]”InBusiness learned about my landscaping business and set up conversion tracking  to identify the weekly and time of day buying cycles of my target market. They used the information to increase the return on my PPC advertising by over 300%”[/testimony]

It is precisely this reason that you want to avoid companies explaining that they have smart algorithms that automate your search marketing. Your business is not a commodity. Let InBusiness, Inc. learn your business to get you the marketing results you have been looking for. Call us at 321-281-8353 for a brief consultation to review the specifics of your business needs.