Phone Issues That Kill Your Marketing Efforts

dead phone

dead phoneYour phones may be the weakest link

I had a meeting with a client today that probably effects more business than you would expect. They are spending thousands to get new clients to come in the door through online marketing but are cutting themselves off at the knees before the clients arrive. What is causing such a significant loss in business?  Something extremely simple…..

How Do You Deal With Phone Calls Once Your Website Generates Them?

All the marketing in world won’t help your service based business grow if your phones are screwed up. In this case, really screwed up. Here are several problems they had, that you should check to make sure your company is not a victim of.

Common Phone Issues That Can Kill Your Business

  • Make sure the people answering the phone say the same name of the business that is clearly stated on your website – In this case, it was a doctor’s office that services two businesses under one roof.  Instead of getting their phones setup so their staff knew which business the caller was calling for, they just used the doctors name, which was not extremely visible on either website. Phone call recording showed that many people would just hang up thinking they got the wrong business when they called.
  • Make sure your phones are getting answered fast and every time – The business in question had two offices and one office would just let the phone call ring through to the other office assuming someone would pick it up. By the time it got to the second office, it was the 6th ring and the caller would hang up. Give answering the phones as a priority task to a specific person if possible. Their job is stop everything else and answer the phone! This should also be the person, that doesn’t stay on the phone to long if a problem arises because they will not be able to answer the phone, while they are helping someone on a 20 minute phone call. Their job is to answer the next phone call. Phones should be answered within three rings.
  • Think about how your phone system is setup – This client had their phone system setup to have clients choose which extension they wanted (An extra unnecessary step).  It would also remind them to call 911 if it was an emergency before they could get a live person (talk about a buzz kill). This is not the best way to start a phone call, unless required by law, which in this case it is not.
  • Put some thought into optimizing your voicemail – When the voicemail came on, it was non descript and did not reiterate the value proposition of the business. The odds of someone inquiring about the companies services via voicemail were very low. A message explaining when someone will get back to them and that they are valued is essential in the decision making process of the potential customer to leave a message or not.  Make sure your have the proper message for “busy during business hours”, “on the other line”, and “after hours”. Make sure it lets them know when someone will get back to them.

Thank you for calling XYZ Company. A {Your Service Here} that {Value proposition}.  We are currently unavailable to take your call. Our business hours are nine to five, Monday through Friday. To {Your main call to action i.e. “To schedule a consultation or get questions answered about our service”} Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief description of the information you would like to receive, and we will get back to you when our office opens.

Have a sales script or call script your staff should use to answer questions when new potential clients call – Not everyone on your staff is going to be an excellent salesperson, but they can all read (hopefully). Get them in the habit of reading a scripted set of responses to common questions, as well as what they say when they first answer the phone. You will see your conversion rate increase dramatically.


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