Planning Your Content With PPC

Writing up great articles is a good start. You know by now that you need to have a great title, possibly a decent subtitle, a bit of a summary as to what it is you’re writing about, and then, you work with a flow.  Most people are also pretty understanding of the fact that when you write for the web, you need to use keywords- but there are some interesting things you can do, utilizing pay per click techniques that can help you to write better content for the web.

Whenever you sit down to draw up some content, also pull out your Google Adwords Keyword tool. Why? This is a great way to sort of give yourself an outline as to what you need to be writing about. If your keyword phrase attracts the pay per click advertising, chances are pretty good it’s going to work in your content, and let me tell you why. Think about your own advertising department and how they work things. These are generally geared at getting those people who are wanting to buy, or wanting to subscribe to something, perhaps looking into a service. So, if you use those keywords that are used in these ads, what do you end up with? You can attract not only page views, but see a better jump in what search engine optimization is ultimately meant to do- get you the sales and clients you’re looking for. This is a pretty easy tip, you take your general idea- the thing you’re going to write about and break it down into one simple sentence.

Give it to your Google Adwords tool, and then, make sure that the search volumes and CPC are visible. Once you have all of that information, put it in an Excel spreadsheet, and then sort the keywords by the CPC and volume. Figure out the keywords that are going to work the best- and you’ve got a well targeted article. Avoid the old keyword stuffing technique- it’s pointless and you will only end up with content that makes absolutely no sense. Not only that, this is something that the searches are cracking down on quite a bit- and lastly, if your article does not make any sense to those you’re drawing in with your rankings- there’s no real point to it, unless that’s your only goal. But if you are looking to improve your rankings so that you can improve your overall bottom line- here’s why quality is important.

Sometimes it is a good idea just to consider the keywords as the sort of outline you need to get your writing kick started. If you are thinking about using an overabundance of them in it- think again. Unless they fit in with the overall article in a way that is fluid and natural- you’re probably not going to do yourself all that much good.