Pluradefenstrosis – Affliction Of Having To Many Tabs Or Windows Open

screentabsYes, we made the word up. Yes it should be a real word. Firstly, because it is an awesome sounding word. More importantly, it is an issue that can destroy your productivity when using the computer. As internet marketers we constantly have several screens open as we switch back and forth between tools and websites. Having the habit of opening to many windows can spread your attention so thin that you end up getting nothing done except for bouncing between tabs, or windows.

Tip For Increased Productivity: Limit the number of windows, programs, and tabs that you have open at any one time. It will force you to focus on one task, and not get side tracked. Focus management is one of the most important factors in productivity when using the computer. It can be so easy to get side tracked by an incoming email or instant message. It is best to ignore most of these until set times of the day as if you are in a meeting. Obviously there are certain interruptions that you will have to deal with no matter what. Eliminating the distractions within your control is one of the best things you can do. The good news is that it gets easier the longer you have been doing it. Don’t let Pluradefenstrosis get the best of you. Feel free to digg this. Dan in the office would be elated if the word he coined led to a few nodes from the community.