Powerful Small Business Press Releases

If you own a small business, you know that sometimes, when you’re working on your public relations, press releases can lend a big boost to exposure. However, sometimes, it can be hard to get the media to pick up your press release- and this is a problem that quite a few business owners have run up against when trying to initiate publicity in this way. There are a number of things that you can do to get your small business press releases out there, seen and picked up.

Your headline needs to be absolutely finely crafted, with a skill that any popular writer would envy. This means you need to make sure that it is clear, its concise, but it draws someone in. If you are working with search engine optimization, you are going to need to also balance leading keywords with your company name. When you send the press release to the media, themselves, however, you have to remove the keyword, and then focus on making the headline simply grabby. Sound confusing? It can be. The headline is typically the area that causes public relations professionals the greatest amount of headache. How do you sound newsy, but still interesting? Make sure that if you had a look at your title, you’d want to read it. Does it seem interesting, does it make you curious about what the rest of the story may have to say? On the topic of keywords, don’t try using them for releases you intend to send to the media. Just don’t. They will notice those and shut you down faster than you can click the red x at the top right of your screen. Marketing in the virtual world means usually making two different releases- one for the actual press, and one that is search engine optimized for other submissions. So, classic style press releases to the media, optimized ones for the internet at large.

You’re pitching, but you aren’t. When you’re writing press releases for the media, steer clear of any sort of sales talk. Sure, you may be announcing something big, but there is nothing the media detests more than a thinly veiled sales pitched trying to pretend it is a press release. And, believe me, they think that all sales pitches are thinly veiled. I cannot stress this enough, make sure that you write your press release in a way that says “news”, that confidently conveys something- but is not a sales pitch. There are very few ways that will send your press release to the trash faster.

Adding meaningful and significant quotes to your press releases will also make them stand out. Sometimes, the media won’t use the entire release, but if there is a quote there that is powerful- they will pull that out and use it. This is always a good thing, so, when you’re writing your media press release, consider taking a minute to compose a meaningful thought, or to obtain one from your CEO or business owner.