PPC Hacks – Using Trademark & Registered Symbols

As in life, there are many little tips and tricks you pickup along the way that accumulate into a body of knowledge that results in superior performance. 2% here, 3% there, Bobs your uncle, your an expert. One such tip I was delighted to just find was a  helpful little article over at the PPCHero blog about adding the trademark or registered symbols to PPC ads (admittedly something I have been wondering how to do in word for a while now as well. Its a pretty simple process. Good luck. The original article is linked to below. Anytime you can increase social proof or credibility it is a good idea to do so. Human beings are used to these symbols and they can definitely improve the legitimacy of a companies appearance (just make sure you are using them properly). Crash course coming….

To use the ® symbol you need to be registered with  USPTO. The ™ and © symbols are used when laying claim to a mark by simply using that mark. (note: I am not a lawyer so if this is an important point for you a suggest you consult them to get the facts correct)

Registered (®): ALT + 0,1,7,4
Trademark (™): ALT + 0,1,5,3
Copyright (©): ALT + 0,1,6,9

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