Promoting Your Link Bait

We have talked a bit about the importance of creating compelling content that others on the internet want to share, but what do you do once you have that content? Where do you go to get the word out there and actually get it moving? There are many different ways that you can promote your link bait apart from social networking media that can actually further enhance your site as well as getting those links out there and returning to you in the form of verifiable traffic and conversions. Here, we’ll go into a few of those ways to get your links moving, shared and boost your traffic that way.

Consider first exactly what the motivation behind a link baiting is- you have to get people talking about your products or services. This is a common maxim in brick and mortar establishments- the better the word of mouth is, the better your business will be, and the more trust you inspire in those you wish to target. One of the first ways you can do this, is by using your mailing list to announce the new content- perhaps offering a discount or incentive towards referrals. This doesn’t sound like a way you’d get link bait promoted until you realize that in such ways, you do get your existing client or customer base sharing your links with those they’d feel were interested. Once those people catch wind, then they will share, and so on and so forth. Consider also targeted banner ads on websites that may be associated with your particular niche. These are usually fairly inexpensive and offer a great deal of exposure.

Another great thing to do, as I have mentioned before, is to either sponsor a good cause, or even to create your own cause. If you know of local area drives, be that for food, blankets, holiday gifts and the like- now is a particularly good time of year to use this both to give back to your community and as a means of gaining needed exposure. This is particularly helpful if your content does include some sort of video, blog or article about the cause itself and what your company is doing to help benefit. Often, this will result in the organization you’re sponsoring linking back to you, but also, it again builds trust and gets people talking about your content and just what you are doing with it.

Lastly, when in doubt, hire a professional. This works well for several reasons- but first and foremost being that professional promoters have trained, studied and often have a great deal more experience in the realm of online marketing. This may be anyone from someone to write your content, or someone to completely handle all facets of your site promotion, and can often not only save time, but usually you will benefit from the consultant’s name and their reputation as well, as they are given credit for the work that they do for you.