Reputation Management & Ripoff Report Removal

Has Someone Damaged Your Online Reputation?

Now more than ever it is extremely important to have the best online reputation you can possibly have. With the freedom of information on the internet came the freedom to misuse that information to unfairly harm companies, businesses, and people who have not deserved it. Companies like thrive on upset consumers that are looking to thrash a company by posting negative comments. While it is a good thing that consumers have a way to warn other about their negative experiences, many of these sites, and other issues such as negative comments by a prominent blogger, can have an unfairly large effect on a company.

Should a company loose 30% of its online business simply because one of three thousand customers we dissatisfied and posted a Rip-Off Report?

As a business you can protect yourself from unfairly weighted reports such as Rip-Off Reports with InBusiness and its “Brand Halo”. What is a Brand Halo? It’s simple, we distribute positive press releases, articles, create accounts on social network websites, and other tactics then promote them along with your main website. Eventually they become strong enough where Rip-off Reports and other negative comments will not be able to penetrate the first page of Google for prominent searches.

We have the ability to:

  • Utilize social media platforms to create and/or boost positive buzz
  • Develop additional online assets to gain control of the top positions of search
  • Continuously monitor the brand across the Internet
  • Interact, promote and encourage the positive mentions as they are identified
  • Develop strategies to create additional assets for reviews and testimonials leading to your site
  • Detect of any potential issues that need to be suppressed and remove negative sentiment