Running An Ecommerce Store – Things To Avoid Doing To Succeed – Tip 1

TIP #1: Avoid getting caught in the weeds on things that cost more to fix than to simply let happen.

People tend to get stuck in the weeds in Ecommerce. I am writing about this today because it happened today with a smaller client, but big clients do it as well. Well all do it, but if you let it happen to much it can stop you dead in your tracks. A client I was speaking with was on the information overload that is the Shopify APP store. He was transitioning from another store platform and had endless questions. The 1st was what do when his current customers ask for a refund on an order in the old shopping cart. He was looking at apps to manage returns and spending a ton of time complicating his existence. I could understand this if returns had been a big issue for this fledging Ecommerce owner, but when I asked how many returns he gets a month, his answer to my question gave him the answer to his. He got 1 return per month on average. He was worried about not being able to look up the previous order information and losing money.  I simply told him that there is no solution that will be cheaper than simply refunding the customer on their word and eating the $15 in wholesale product cost associated with the sale.  This is a perfect example of focusing your efforts on bottlenecks and not trivial problems.

Don’t worry about returns when you don’t have a return problem. If you don’t have sales, sales is all you should be focusing on. If something is getting in the way of you selling effectively than it’s worth looking at, everything else doesnt matter.  This is the 1st of many tips will be providing based of client experience we deal with on a regular basis as well as insight into our own decisions on the Ecommerce businesses we own and operate.

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