Search Engine Basics: Keep It Simple.

The thing to understand when you are beginning to optimize, or perhaps working on a plan to get your search engine campaign in order is that just because the search engine spider works one way, does not necessarily mean that is all there is to think about. The best thing I have heard about search engine optimization insofar as the often asked question of “What is it”, was that it was a sort of gap stop- being able to gather up not only the spider’s indexing of sites and such, but also a useability for those who are doing the searching. Some SEOs feel that using underhanded techniques are the way to go about this- but really, that’s a waste of time. When you’re looking to enhance your search engine optimization in regards to marketing, you want to see those traffic hits turn to sales or new clients, not annoyed people who wonder why they’ve landed on your page.

Ethical SEO is not about creating massive amounts of content that basically says the same thing. It’s not about hiding little links that people accidentally click on and end up on your landing page. In a nutshell, the best thing that your SEO program is going to do for you is to get your site up in the ranking, but also, build the audience and trust you’re looking to- thereby increasing your client and customer base. Otherwise, what is the point, apart from being able to say, “I’m at the top of the Google list”. If you’re at the top and you’re not seeing any profit, or any increase of sales, there’s really not much reason to spend your time and energy optimizing.

They key formula is a well optimized, easy to understand and navigate website. Completed with a call to action that is unobtrusive and not annoying. Something that will compel the viewer to look for more information, be that in an email, a call, or by visiting a guest book page. The options are pretty varied in this, but the simpler you keep it, the better off you will be. The best way to get that happening is to use keyword analytic, and then, as you disperse them, know where to place them on your site, so that you not only have a good percentage, but so that you are also not overusing them. On that landing page, this is where it is most essential to make sure that it is clean and simple. Don’t use a bunch of content- you don’t have to. Instead, try a very clear site map, or other further options.

A note on content- many SEOs say that “Content is King”- and that’s somewhat true. I have probably said this before, because content is important. However, looking at SEO as the entire court, you realize that the King’s only a part of a bigger over all picture. Make sure that your “king” is strong, well organized and has a bit of a jester to him. Content that is not at least somewhat entertaining, but always informative is a time waster, and not something that needs to be done. If you do not have the time to create the kind of content that your site needs, consider outsourcing or keeping a blog that you update regularly.