Search Engine DEOPTIMIZATION Consulting A Hot Trend

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Whether you were aware that your SEO team was using manipulative practices to improve search results, or had no idea, you like many companies have been the victim of an over-optimization penalty by Google. This event marks a huge turn in the marketing methodologies that are rewarding in online marketing. Similar to the bad banking regulations that caused bank employees to lend when they shouldn’t in order to meet the high returns that other banks were providing, for the last several years, SEO has become all about the short term results. JCPenny was infamous for it, and so were several other companies. The issue lied with the fact that Google would speak about what they wanted to see from websites to give them higher rankings, but would reward companies that chose a cheaper more profitable route.  Several of the moves that Google has made in the last several months has shown that they have become serious about altering the path with which success can be gained using organic search.

What you should do if your website has received an over-optimization penalty

The first step should be to step back and do risk reward analysis based on the facts available to you.  Normally the possible roads to go down that are recommended look like this:

  • Build your way out of it using the same manipulation tactics that caused the over-optimization penalty but alter them. (This will most likely mean using less anchor text links, more readable title tags, etc. )
  • Stop using forced link building and begin the long difficult road to removing the toxic waste dump of backlinks and overoptimization that got your site into this mess with no guarantee you will get a reprieve.
  • Start from scratch with a new site and let sleeping dogs lie.
  • Give up on investing in organic search entirely and focus on other channels.

Confused about which way you should go?

We can help. Here are just a few of the services that InBusiness, Inc. provides

  • Analysis the true cause of your over-optimization penalty
  • Consulting on the potential outcomes of the various options at hand
  • Resubmission requests Google advice and implementation
  • Toxic link discovery and removal  (must be done before resubmission request)
  • Setting up a new SEO strategy that works with Google’s new rules
  • De-optimization of overly optimized on-page factors.

A new way to look at SEO

It’s time that you started looking at SEO in a new way.  We can help. From innovative strategies using content and infographics, to helping build re-world relationships through online marketing. Over-optimization is a penalty, not a death sentence. Get back in the game! Call today at 321-281-8353



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