Search Engines Explained

search-enginesIf you have been around for any length of time, you have probably noticed that certain search engines have done exceptionally well, and as a result gaining popularity and having their stocks soar through the roof.  On the flip side, you may have noticed certain search engines that did not keep up, and as a result have gone the way of the dodo.  Ever wonder exactly how that works?  I mean, a search engine is a search engine right?  Sort of… but not quite.

Like any other business you encounter on a day-to-day basis, profit is everything.  Why would you be in business if there were no profit to be made?  Sure, typing in your keywords and getting back a thousand possible websites to browse is free.  But to the search engine, paying their employees, expanding operations and maintaining the highest traffic websites out there does not come without cost.  So how exactly do these mega search engines make their money?  And why do they care where you start your search?  Here’s a little insight to the how and why of search engine success.

Traffic refers to the number of individual people that come to a website, and how often they visit that site.  Traffic is a numbers game, and a competitive one at that.  Every website out there is fighting for their piece of the action, and search engines are no exception to this rule.

The amount of traffic that a search engine attracts is dependent entirely upon keeping those visiting people happy.  If you went to a search engine and typed in what you are looking for and got nothing relative back, you likely would never use that search engine again.  Word of mouth travels fast, but nowhere quite as fast as the internet.  So to keep your searchers happy, relevant and useful results is the key to profitability.

Traffic is turned into profits in several ways.  Paid advertisers, like search engines, want and need traffic.  The advertisers are the bread and butter for search engine companies.  Did you ever notice those listings that pop up at the top and to the sides of your search results?  Generally, these are relevant websites that may well have what you’re seeking.  The company’s whose websites appear in these prominent spots are paying for that position. When you click on the link featured, the search engine gets paid, plain and simple.  The advertisers hope is that when you click on that link it will result in you becoming a customer of their company or a follower of their cause.

It’s a delicate balance that is profit driven, as with any business.  The search engine keeps you happy and coming back for more by giving relevant results and reliable service.  Advertisers that want your business or loyalty place their website listings front and center of those free searches you just preformed in hopes that you will click and find what you need, which in turn generates income for the advertiser.  The more successful this string of events becomes, the higher the stocks for the search engine become, and the cycle begins again.