Secrets for Better Optimization

1. Have a look around to see if you can’t find a .edu site that is looking for sponsors. Search engines tend to give these sites a bit more weight when it comes to the things they are looking for- so, if you are a sponsor, you will find that you can boost not only your appeal (Your support of that particular site) but also, boost your ranking.

2. Get in good with those who are blogging- because, influential bloggers essentially get paid to talk about the things that are not only of interest to them, but to those they write for, also. If you are of interest to them and gain their support, they will talk about you and your business. Generally this is done in a double whammy sort of way- finding a few that you really actually enjoy, and commenting on their posts and also, creating content that they will find both appealing and informative. Ask yourself, when you are posting content, if this is something you’d post elsewhere, had you not written it, or made the video.

3. Keyword your photos. If you are posting images, you’ve got a place to stick a few keywords. Making sure that you have keyword rich captions for your images is yet another way to get picked up on without annoying your readers. Also, adding the word “image” or “picture” to those captions is helpful as many searches contain those words.

4. Keep a clean reputation. If you run a blacklist check on your server, you can check to see if you are on a proxy with a site that has been tagged as a spammer, or even worse, banned. These sites will drag your site’s popularity down with them, and your rankings can suffer as a result. Also, if you are using services that block your domain ownership information whenever you register- stop. Many searches, including Google, see this as a sign that you are not on the level and again, your rankings may pay the price.

5. When you are optimizing your content, be that blog posts, articles, videos and the like- make sure that you are optimizing it apart from the title. Again, also remember that the search engines are much more sophisticated than before, and your content has to be quality- you have got to remember to make sure that it is informative, keyword friendly, but also, something that people actually want to read, share and link to others. Giving people something to really get excited about, or perhaps to feel like they’ve come away not having wasted their time is vital, and linkbaiting is an essential.

6. Keep at it. The way that search engines change daily, the different things that they implement and seek out- you also have to keep working on it, on a daily basis. Maintaining your search engine optimization marketing plan, keeping it going, this is going to be something that you must continually do in order to make the most of your SEO.