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October 3 2016 update for Amazon Sellers

This October 3, 2016 change is causing problems for many Amazon sellers. Are you looking for an EXIT from Amazon now?

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Attention Amazon Seller :

Are you ready to sell? Did your once flourishing business on Amazon dry up? What used to be a business full of life, has now died down to a dull roar. And now you’re looking for an exit – to sell your Amazon Business?

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Things have been changing at Amazon for quite awhile.

Did you take a hit after the October 3rd update…

Does this sound like your situation?

You used to have great selling 5-star products.

Then one by one, each turned into a 2-stars

…traffic dried up

and Zip…. crash… sales came crashing down.

Why? A quick update wiped all your hard work away in an instant. Call it the careless work of a major search engine.

– Simple seeming updates, turn into big problems for a lot of sellers. Sellers who rely on the traffic as the lifeblood of their businesses.

Fortunately you may still have an exit with us.

We are looking to buy Amazon Businesses and you could very well have exactly what we want.

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At InBusiness Inc. we invest in a variety of assets from real estate to web businesses. Now we are looking to invest in more Amazon businesses. In 2016, our Amazon business grew by leaps and bounds. And now we have a need for one thing in particular…

We are specifically looking for Amazon Accounts with Age in specific categories.

What we’re really after is an Amazon business with at least a little life left in it. Our team works around the clock to manage our own accounts, and we are willing to build up or even re-build old accounts.

How Do I Get Started And See How Much My Amazon Business Is Worth?

Just like when we buy a house or any business, we have to take a closer look.

If you would like to know what your Amazon Business is worth, then first we will do a simple audit. This audit will not only help us determine if your Amazon Business is a match for us… you will learn exactly what we think your Amazon Business is worth.

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