SEO & Online Marketing for Missoula Law Firms in 2017

2017 is here and we decided to take a close look at what’s happening with Natural Search Traffic in Missoula. This week we’ll take a close look at Missoula Lawyer Natural Search Traffic.

Billboards, television, radio ads – all of these advertising methods still work and will continue to work in 2017.

However, they are very different when compared to Natural Search Traffic, where people are visiting search engines like, Yahoo, and Bing to find services.

How Are People Finding Law Firms in Missoula?

Here’s a brief look at the most important search terms people use to find legal services in Missoula:

Click to open this image in a new window to zoom-in and inspect this data for yourself.

  • CPC (Cost Per Click): is the average amount advertisers are paying for a single click from a user who searches for a given term.
  • Volume: Average searches per month.

Highest CPC (Cost Per Click) Keywords:
lawyers in missoula – $10.40
missoula lawyers – $7.01
lawyers in missoula mt – $6.61
attorneys in missoula mt – $5.51
missoula law firms – $5.24
missoula attorneys – $5.03
lawyers missoula mt – $3.61

How Have People Changed Over Time:

Data shows a steady search demand for legal services over the last 5 years. The keyword lawyer is also predictably more common for users versus the keyword attorneys.

What Could These Keywords Be Worth to You:

What is your average Lifetime Value of a client? Or in other words, how much is your average client worth?

Let’s take a look at an example…

The keyword Missoula attorneys receives 70 searches per month.

If you ranked on the first page of Google, you could expect to be seen by a portion of these 70 people. Typically the #1 ranked website in Google receives 70% of the clicks. Then the ability of your team to convert prospects into clients would determine how many new clients your firm acquires. Multiply this figure by your Lifetime Value and this is how much Natural Search Traffic would be worth to your firm for this specific keyword.

In our cursory research of the Missoula Lawyer Natural Search Traffic market, we estimate at least 440 searches performed each month for legal services. This of course does not include specific niche services such as divorce, bankruptcy, etc as we typically uncover more specific terms in our client analysis process.

Where Do You Rank?

Let’s take a look at the advertisements and organic results in Google for the top keywords:

Click to open this image in a new window to zoom-in and inspect this data for yourself.

Click to open this image in a new window to zoom-in and inspect this data for yourself.

Who’s Paying Google for Clicks?

Here is a snapshot of who is advertising in Google PPC (Pay Per Click).

Click to open this image in a new window to zoom-in and inspect this data for yourself.

What Your Law Firm Needs In 2017

Ready to tackle Natural Search Traffic in 2017? Here’s a checklist of what your firm will need in order to beat the competition.

1. Map Listings

  • Setup your business in Google maps and other local directories.
  • Complete the setup of your local listing in the most important services such as Google My Business.
  • Manage your listings – a one-star review can do a lot of damage to how likely a new client will be to call you.

2. Organic Search

  • Perform full keyword research and optimize your website to be fully keyword optimized for every service you offer.
  • Fix technical issues which may be limiting your website’s visibility in search engines.
  • Regularly promote your website to rank it above competing firms.
  • Setup keyword tracking and monitor where your website is ranking to judge the impact of your efforts over time.

3. PPC Ads

  • Make it simple for people to find you. Setup campaigns to advertise for your company name.
  • Setup campaigns to advertise for keywords you discovered in the previous Organic Search research step.
  • Track which keywords bring you the most qualified customers and maximize your visibility for these terms.


That’s it for our 2017 Missoula Lawyer Natural Search Traffic Report. We hope you enjoyed this close look and the tactics we recommend for you to improve your visibility in the search engines. If you would like to learn more, please email or call us. And if you’re interested in working with us, we also provide a complimentary video analysis where we take an in-depth look at your business.

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