Sharing Your Content

SharingThere is a bit more to it than simply posting the content on your site or simply having a blog. There are a number of different ways that you can also fatten up your search engine optimization. When you write articles that are interesting, informative and above all- well written, you can create something that is actually worth reading. That probably sounds like it goes without saying- but have you had a look at some of the content that is out there, these days? I have an entire blog about the nonsense articles you see and why you see them, but, for now, let’s stick to some of the other ways you can get your content out there, your brand recognized and known, and more importantly- your message to a wider audience.

First of all, as I said- having the content on your own site is the first and best way you can begin to delve into some basic do it yourself optimization. However, if you’re wanting to reach out to an even wider audience, you may want to consider submitting your articles and content to some of the directories out there. There are literally hundreds of article directories out there, either free or paid that you can submit them to. When these are published, they make the articles available to various outlets, and once your content is in the applicable category, those who are seeking the information you have- get it. So, you do reach out to your target audience in a better way. Most of these directories are fairly high ranking themselves, so, in this it has some merit, as well.

Another thing is a bit of B2B networking. If you’ve come across a site that seems to be in line with the message you’re sending- there is no harm in sending them an email and letting them know about your article. Sometimes, you can work this out so that you get a link back to your own site- just a brief write up on another site, and a link to yours, for a double impact.

Some people also use email lists for this- while you can’t really customize your work, there, you can, however get it sent out on a wider scale. This one can be a little bit tricky because when you’re using email lists, there tends to be a great deal of duplicate content issues- so, you have to be sure that you have different articles on each of the web sites that you intend to promote through email lists.

One of the best tools for spreading your brand far and wide is definitely the “resource box”. If you have ever been reading a really great article, and you have come to the bottom of the page- there you find the author of the article, a brief little bio, and a bit about where they work and a link or contact information, you have seen a resource box. Consider making sure that yours stands out when you decide to submit your articles to any medium.