Sharpening Your SEO

In all honesty the best way to learn search engine optimization is in looking at the searches themselves. If you use them to search out the keywords and phrases, you can see the way this all breaks down. However, if you don’t want to spend your time searching this and that, until you’ve got a good idea of what you think will work- you can use the various tools out there for keyword analytics I have mentioned before. I’ve talked a little bit about what you can do to keep an eye on the competition and how important that really is, but, keeping your SEO sharp is really vital. All of this changes very fast, so it really is best to just keep your eyes open.

Understanding the tech aspects is another thing- many people make it sound like you can just throw up a blog here and there, over time, you can submit articles and format your site this way and that- and boom, you’re up there in your rankings. But this is not really the case. When you think about it- we’re coming into when Web 3.0 is going to really be a factor, and this will change things a bit. Keep reading up on the news, and for this- usually, I just read up on different tech blogs and of course, Google and Bing’s official web master blogs. Of course, the latest big thing is social media. Everyone’s talking about it- some say it’s not worth the time, others hail it as one of the greatest things you can do. Personally, I feel it can be an important factor, but not the sum total of a good optimization program. It comes as very little surprise that some people have a hard time with it- it relies heavily on a combination of factors done just right.

If you want to understand how quickly everything changes for not only search engine optimization, but even simple online marketing- all you have to do is think about a year ago. Think about two years ago. Things have changed dramatically- there are so many new tools out there to enable people to really come to a point of understanding. Before, everything had to be left to those who really read up on and understood it all, but now, while there may be many aspects of this that are a bit difficult to understand, anyone can do web analytics. Grab up a tool, have a look for yourself. Most of those programs and tools will walk you right through it. Even if they don’t, it’s not that hard to key your words into the search engines, as mentioned above. Reading through a how to on coding, you can learn to work your web site so that it is in a format that is easy to navigate. Keep your content fresh and keyworded to the appropriate degree, you’ve got another facet. However, where this all gets a little bit less simple is bringing it all together in a way that benefits both the target audience and the search engine’s ability to crawl it as well.