Should Your Business Try Video?

video marketingVideos are a great way to introduce your new services, or just get more traffic to your web site. Some small businesses will use video also to show how a product works, or even educate, others use it to convey messages from the owners or CEOs. This is usually a very effective and powerful tool for a number of reasons. As well, if you’re looking to advertise, or perhaps compile a multimedia news release- video is tops of the content ladder. A multimedia news release is a one, two knock out punch of text, links, photos, video, and more- and this makes it much more eye catching and all inclusive than just a traditional release.

It really does not matter much how big or small your business is- video promotion will probably be an asset in some way. Some people utilize this for things like business to business networking, others might use it to promote products and services- either way, if you feel that what you do is something that you can talk about? Your business probably should try video. Now, if you have it in your budget, hiring someone to put your videos together is usually for the best- it generally is a time saver, because you can focus on what you need to and allow the professionals to handle the details you might not have considered. However, if you are opting for a more do it yourself way, there are a few things you can do.

First off, familiarize yourself with editing software, if you’re not already. Some good ones are Final Cut Pro, Media 100, and Adobe Premier. Most of these are fairly simple and user friendly and can help walk you through the process of editing your videos, so that you have them just the way you want them to be. As far as the actual shooting goes- you need a good video camera that can be mounted on a tripod. Bringing a little good background music into the video is also a great idea, and make sure that when you’re uploading the final product- you have some place for them to comment, or some form of a call to action. These are usually best displayed in the video itself, as well as alongside, wherever you upload or share it.

When you think about timing- make sure your video is more than thirty seconds, but roughly three minutes in length- unless it is something that you could promote as a ‘webinar’ or the like. If it is something that requires a vast amount of information, and is still yet of benefit to the viewer- then going a bit longer is fine. There are many things that can usually go over- medical procedures, speeches, events and the like. Some suggest that if you do this, you break it up into a series- which, is usually a good way to ensure that those looking for part two and beyond return to your site to see it.