Six Social Sites You Should Know About

social-networkYou already probably know about Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Digg, Linkdn, and the different networking sites, both social and otherwise. However, the web has a wide variety of resources available to those who are not only looking to be better informed, but also, great places to get link sharing going, and start discussions that can lead to more back links and other options for continuing to build a better search engine marketing plan. Through these sites you will find not only a wealth of information, but you can also begin to converse and interact with others who may be working on similar goals- and when you put those together, you are going to be able to begin networking in a way that will enable all to have a better resource for sharing both links and knowledge. The key to these sites, or any others out there like this- find ones that are relevant to your business interests, and then, begin networking. As you read, comment and share the things that you find of interest, you can then build your own sort of niche network- and once you have that sort of moving forward, you can then go on to submit your own content, which will be distributed as well. This helps to not only build relationships with your customer and client base, as well as your target audience, but also may be really helpful in situations where you have content you are wanting to turn viral.

Care 2 News Network.
This site focuses on environmental concerns, so if you are working on a greener company, or promoting a more environmentally conscious way of doing things- and you probably should be, this is a site where matters of politics, the environment, business and other issues are talked about. Not only is it a social networking sort of site, but frequently features links and other things of interest to a very vast audience.

You could not ask for a more specific search. Imagine having a remote control for the internet, and being able to flick through the channels with ease- this is Stumbleupon.

Offers customized search of video, Twitter pictures and a great deal more. Again, very customized, with personal groups that enable users to not only share but to also discuss various links and more.

Geared more towards marketing and optimization issues, has a wealth of information, links, but is also a wonderful way to share information across a wider scale.

Small Business Brief
A great site with a lot of resources that you can use in any do it yourself search engine optimization plan, as it pertains to small businesses.

This is more product oriented, but it is a good place for those involved in retail to find out what products are being talked about and a good way to really figure out what users think about them.