Someone On The Internet Is Not Nice..

_meanOnline reputation management has become a pretty big thing in the last few years, what with pretty much anyone and everyone being able to search out your name. You may be someone who has never done anything wrong or has never caused any issue- but if one person decides that they are going to spread the word far and wide about you- why, it’s the internet, I am sure you’ve heard, there’s nothing you can do. Or can you? Actually there is quite alot you can do to negate negative write ups or even fight against reputation marks against you- even when it’s not you, but someone who shares your name or something close to it.

Taking back control of the search rank for any given name is fairly easy for an someone who works in SEO- but if you’re don’t have a steady grasp of the concepts and techniques, it becomes a little more time intensive. Here are a few tips to get you started and help you to take a little bit of control of your online reputation.

If you do not already have a domain registered, do so. There are a few fairly inexpensive options around on the ‘net to do just that and once you have- use your domain to host a Wiki. Using your own name in both the domain and the wiki, you can then link from these to your blog- which is another online essential in what the average buisiness person can do for reputation management. Using free blogs like Blogger or even Livejournal, you can get your name in the search rankings in the way that you want it. Those are both just starts though, because you’ll want to keep them up to date with current information and fresh content just as with any other site.

While we’re on the subject of blogs, another great thing you can do is once you have set up a blog- specifically this works well with Blogger, find other blogs on the site you are interested in. Make sure that these posts show a better side, a cause you believe in, or even something to do with your business, and comment on them.

Another great resource is Linkedin, which you can use to set up a free, public business profile, as well as adding in any other relevant information. There’s a great section for background, awards and links to your other sites, content, news and blogs.

You may not be able to control what people say about your business on the internet, but with a little work and knowing just what to say- you can control your own name, or your business’ name in the search engine rankings and where it shows up for you.