Statistics on Social Networking Marketing

A 2007 report from Hitwise, tells us that social networking IS the way to go when it comes to the younger demographic- toppling traditional e-mail marketing for this group. However, when marketing to an older croud, it still looks good.

However, let’s take a look at some more recent Facebook statistics- as Facebook has possibly one of the easiest to utilize fan-page set ups that you’ll find on the ‘net, making it pretty useful and user friendly for those looking to implement social networking in their online marketing campaign.

•Facebook now has over 300 million active users.
•The average users on Facebook will have about 150 friends.
•10 million Facebook users become ‘fans’ of businesses, bands, comedians, etc, every single day.
•2 billion pieces of content are linked to, each week, and 14 million videos are uploaded each month.

Now, you may be thinking that your business shouldn’t go with Facebook, that it is for a much younger demographic than you service or perhaps you don’t feel like the social networking platform actually will reach the target audience you think it should. If this is based on age- you’re probably missing out.

•55% of all Facebook users are female.
•52% of all Facebook users are between the ages of 18-25, however, the trend is that the 26-34 age bracket is rising dramatically, and the 35-44 demographic is also showing signs of growth.

I’ve mentioned before that social media can be a tricky thing to manage- but, the wrong way is pretty easily avoided: remember the social part, and you’ll be fine. Understanding that you will get feedback both positive and negative- but then going on to use that feedback, and then, on the same page, display that you did increases customer and client confidence.

It has become fairly apparent also that in creating a “fan” page, many businesses are seeing a great deal of two way communication between themselves and their target audience, which has lead to not only a more trust based relationship between client and business, but also increased web traffic to said business’ website, increasing the rankings there. How else can you use Facebook? Take for instance, Staples, who, last week went ahead and released their Black Friday deals via Facebook. That may seem quite early- but have you ever seen the insanity that happens in retail stores on that particular shopping day? Staples just ensured that not only did their customers know they were having a sale, but they knew just what was going to be on sale, as well. But this also worked out in another way- given the feedback you’ll see if you do go and check out the Staples Facebook page? The company now has a better handle on exactly what their customers are looking for- and, this is the beauty of integrating a social networking platform in your online marketing.