Strategic Partnerships & White Label SEO

Since we opened in 2009, InBusiness, Inc. has generated the majority of its growth through referrals from its satisfied clients. It is because of this that we decided to give some special attention to addressing the SEO, PPC, and other internet marketing needs of great potential partners. One of the hardest things for a business to find is someone that can provide a steady flow of new clients. InBusiness, Inc. knows how valuable partnerships like this can be. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web developer looking to provide white label SEO service under your brand, or a business consultant looking to create a strategic partnership that allows you to profit consistently from referring clients, while having the confidence that they are being provided top notch service. InBusiness, Inc. has a solution that will work for everyone. One thing you can be sure of is that we never compromise our standards.

Become a Partner of InBusiness, Inc.

Just think of us as an extension of your marketing department… even if you don’t have one currently.

As an agency, we value and understand the importance of client relationships. We are extremely flexible in how we engage with your clients. Some people want to maintain the lead role in the relationship and manage the process, while others want to hand them over to us. We will work with you to provide the services you need for your clients.

There is no need to staff up anymore, you can partner with InBusiness, Inc. and offer the most highly sought after internet marketing services with absolute confidence!

Our typical partnership relationships include:

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Referral Partnerships
  • White Label SEO Services

Did you know that SEO and Social Media Marketing currently make up about 70% of all online marketing budgets?

Strategic Partnership:

Integrating our services with yours in a strategic partnership improves your value and increases the return on marketing investment of your clients. As a strategic partner, we will work closely with you to present ideas to the clients and build up on your strong relationship with your clients through absolute transparency and teamwork.

Why is this so great for agencies and consultants?

This is perfect for agencies and individuals that want to continue leveraging their current client relationships with additional service offerings outside of their core expertise or focus area.

Over the years, traditional agencies have experienced large shifts in the marketing budgets of clients. When times get tough, companies will often reallocate their marketing budget to high ROI marketing services that are measureable like SEO, SEM, and social media marketing.

Partnering with InBusiness, Inc. provides the opportunity for traditional agencies to increase their service/product offerings with high impact marketing services even if budgets are being reduced or shifted. We can assist in building brand awareness, increasing qualified website traffic, and the profitability of any given website at the fraction of a typical traditional marketing budget.

Referral Partnership:

This is the most popular option among many web developers, publishers, web designers, social media managers, and individuals that focus on sales and networking. You can still increase your service offerings based on our referral program. You can continue your relationship with the client and make up to 10% of the sale. Should they become a monthly retainer client of ours, you can earn up to 15% of the recurring monthly retainer completely hands off. This is perfect for the clients you want to help, but are maxed out on the services you provide. Should they need services related to yours, you will be the first priority for use unless you tell us otherwise.

White Label SEO Services:

Some individuals and agencies do not have or want to develop the necessary expertise or infrastructure to fulfill the internet marketing based services at the level necessary to be successful. It is completely understandable. To successfully compete in internet marketing, one must have not only the necessary skills, but also all the different pieces of software necessary to make educated marketing decisions. Rather than purchase all the expensive tools and learn what needs to be done to get results for the clients, you can white label through us!

Using InBusiness, Inc. to white label internet marketing services is a simple and beautiful thing. You will remain in direct contact with your client, you are the only one in the spot light, you retain all liability of the client relationship, and you can charge them whatever you decide is fair!

Some perks of a partnership with InBusiness, Inc. include:

  • Offer more services with confidence
  • Retain more clients with less manual work
  • Utilize our experience and knowledge base for sound strategies
  • Make more money doing less work – just hand it off to us!
  • Look like a hero to your clients from the results achieved

If you are interested in a partnership with InBusiness, Inc. please call us at (321) 281-8353 or email us through our contact form.