Success Principle: Inbound links

Inbound links are links that are found on other sites that allow a web-user to get to another site. This search engine tactic is one of the more important tools an internet marketer has. It increases overall reach, link popularity, and website traffic.
Inbound links allow a search engine to measure a site’s popularity and credibility. An increased number in inbound links means that the popularity of your site has gone up. This will move you further towards the top of the ranks. However, the credibility of the links is also important. Links from relevant, authoritative web pages tell a search engine that a site is credible.
There are several different strategies to obtain credible links to a website to increase its search engine rankings:
• Getting Links from Major Directories
• Getting Links from Niche Directories
• Getting Resource Links from Partners and Vendors
• Using Press Releases
• Using Quality Content

It is also important to remember that when creating inbound links for your site, the anchor text associated with the link has a lot of search engine ranking weight. Let us take a look at a good example of this.
A quick Google search of “Orlando Personal Injury Attorney” will show that the website is at the number one slot for the organic listings. Let’s take a look at how they use proper inbound linking to get to the top.

nationlaw site ex

Yahoo has a free tool that allows you to see all of the inbound links of a particular site. You can use this tool by going to If you were to type in “”, you would be able to see that there are 1,252 inbound links going to the site. Many of these are extremely credible and use something called anchor text (The use of your targeted keywords as the link back to your site). This is what allows to rank #1 for a competitive market. The number, quality, and focus of back links to a website accounts for over 75% of the factors that affect organic rankings.

Here is a comparison for your consideration.

Second place for Orlando personal injury attorney:

forthepeople site ex has over 6,700 links back to its website but many of them such as the one below use anchor text “Morgan & Morgan”. Below is an example of an inbound link to the site ( With the anchor text “Morgan & Morgan”, a search engine will give a that particular link more credibility when a person searches “Morgan & Morgan”, but for a search term like” Orlando Personal Injury Attorney”, it would not).

morganlink also has many links as sponsors using their picture instead of anchor text. Picture links do not pass page rank or credibility. This would be considered a wasted resource (


It is because of this reason that a website with 1/6th the links is able to rank above the larger more powerful site. There are several other factors at play as well, but this is a major contributor.

To show you the difference, below is an example of a link with the proper supporting anchor text. With this anchor text, anytime someone searches for “Orlando Personal Injury Attorney”, Google is more likely to reference (

orlando personal injury