The Best Lead Group You Have Never Heard Of

BeQuietI was inspired to post this discussion by Melissa Wasserman of the UCF Incubator Orlando Office. We had started a conversation about lead groups and why she didn’t use linked in. She made a great comment about a friend of hers that was a real estate agent that went to a lead group and realized it was nothing more than a bunch of people with no leads (I’m not hating on lead groups). Apparently she had the brilliant idea of joining a bunch of lead groups that weren’t just a bunch of other people looking for leads. Instead of paying to be part of a lead group where everyone was waiting to talk, she joined a pool league, a volleyball league, and a bunch of other leagues. It turned out the key ingredient to generating leads using network marketing is not being around others with the same agenda, but being the only one with an agenda! Get out in front of as many people as you can that have the same likes and dislikes as you and you are bound to run into someone who needs you help. Take it from and internet marketing specialist. About 75% of the people I know could use my help in one way or another. Starting getting out and meeting people organically and you will generate the leads you have been looking for.