The Content Conundrum

I started thinking about how if you look around, you will find that most sites and advisers will tell you that updating your content regularly is very important. It is, that is true, I have said so myself. More than that, though, how often should you be updating your website content? Once a day? Once a week? Once a month? If you really do not have time to add relevant content to your website, you can always look into hiring an outside content writer. This is a really intelligent move and most businesses do end up doing this. Short side note, though, it is sometimes difficult to find a content writer that is reliable and will be in it for the long haul, let alone an inexpensive one that can put together some readable sentences. If you do go with an outside content writer, it is always a really good idea to remember the old maxim and make sure you’re getting samples before you hire on that too good to be true writer at that seemingly low price. If you are dealing with a less than ethical or nonprofessional, chances are good that the rates will match the quality, in most cases and professional writers that will provide great content for low prices are very hard to come by.

As to updating the content, there are a few things to consider about this, but the truth is, you should update the content on your site as often as possible. Be that the blog you keep, or the actual site articles themselves, this is the key to keeping your ranking. Look at it this way- have you ever seen one of those spinning wheels at the carnival? Look at the internet as a spinning wheel. The individual sites, those are the colored sections, the triangles that you’re aiming for with the dart- and the search engine spider is the dart. So, would you want only one little sliver of a red triangle, or do you want to have half or more of that circle covered, so that the dart hits? The more you update your content, the more the search engine spider grabs your site and this is a big part of getting your rankings higher, yes, but also in keeping them there. Many people use blogs and RSS feeds for this, but the best way is to have quality keyword seeded content, articles that have been professionally written in such a way that both the search engine spiders love them, but the users who land on your page can read them as well.

Content, like anything else in marketing, is an investment and it is a vital one. In a more assertive search engine marketing plan, updating content sometimes three times a week is seen to improve search engine rankings, and that is the answer. If you are wanting to see your site move up in the rankings, you have to be assertive and aggressive, and updated content is a big factor in that.