The Differences Between SEO And SEM

seo_dubaiSearch Engine Marketing is a pretty broad, catch all term which includes Search Engine Optimization. You really cannot have a search engine marketing agenda without having SEO utilized, and basically all that SEM is- is your plan of attack and how you implement that plan itself. This usually includes a broad range of things, from sitting down and considering how you intend to market yourself on the internet, to what sort of website you’ll build, how you’ll keyword seed it, if you’ll also utilize newsletters, blogs and so much more than that. Everything you can do to get your website more traffic is encompassed under this term and generally though SEO is a huge part of this- it’s not all.

There are other things, such as pay per click ads, paid ads, and traditional ads as well that come into play. With paid ads, you will find that you are paying the search engine itself to have your ad prominently displayed right away, no waiting on keywords and your SEO doing its magic- with pay per click, you also have the advantage of a text only ad that whatever keywords you choose, bring up the ad. However, this can get very pricey, though it is fairly effective. With traditional ads, once again, you pay the search engine, however you end up paying for it no matter how little traffic is sent to your site.

The issues with all of these things, is, if you do not have your site set up and done in a way that is not only appealing, but informative, easy to manage- all the advertising in the world is just going to go to waste for you. It is fairly simply to work with not only these SEM methods, but also, when you throw in a fantastic SEO Campaign- getting your site not only notice, sure. But, if you do not have it easy access and informative, filled regularly with fresh content- the initial bubble will burst and you won’t keep the people interested. That is the key, understanding that use of online marketing does require a bit of effort and updating, and it is something that you do need to continue to maintain to hold the effort of those you are looking to target.

Putting together a really extensive yet succinct site sometimes takes trial and error- you have to be able to monitor your traffic to understand exactly what it is that the people are responding to, and also, make sure that you’re keeping things user friendly. Adding search bars, simple menus, and an email function may be useful, but also, may enable people to navigate their way around the rest of the site- this is the thing, though, at the heart of any online marketing campaign, you have to already have a really good site nailed down and done, however, it is a constant effort. After you’ve got it all set up, continuing to provide current content, up to date facts and the rest is important to keeping things fresh and informative.