The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Next month, actually in just a little over a few days, the web celebrates another grand birthday. Last year, the web turned old enough to party and like a fine wine, it seems to be getting better with age. Fortunately for it, it looks even younger as the years go by (notice Facebook demographics; my sister’s kids even have Facebook these days).

In the industry we’re in, coupled with the above-mentioned upcoming happenstance of the web’s impending 22nd birthday, where else would we turn when writing this blog post other than to the Link Moses himself – Eric Ward. Ward, founder of the web’s first link building and content publicity service, wrote a great piece this time 2 years ago in celebration of the web’s upcoming birthday and reminded us all of memories gone past, like Sir Tim Berners –Lee first finding a way to build links into electronic documents themselves so they could all be connected together and not separate documents, and also how much has drastically changed throughout the years.

He stirred memories of watching Soledad O’Brien on MSNBC’s The Site, a TV show dedicated to the internet and its happenings. Times long past of where there were only “17 places to get links”. Now there are 17 gazillion. He says, “If linking campaigns from 1996 were a food, they’d have been a Hostess Twinkie. Today, a link-building campaign is a seven-course meal.”

Clearly the stakes are higher, the competition is tougher and the unknown is even more vast but Eric reminds us that as big of a buffet as link building has turned into, it is still easy to master if you remember this is all just about the people at our “table” – sure, the guest list is most certainly more extensive and never-ending, but it’s about giving people their most coveted meal – a link to the right URLs, satisfying their online appetite. Therefore, sure things have changed — but ultimately, one thing is still the same.

In keeping the main thing as the main thing, with remembering that connecting people is the goal, my burning question for you, Eric Ward, aka Link Moses, is this: In your opinion, suppose it is indeed true how the old saying goes that “the more things change, the more they stay the same”, if you could tell the world just one thing about link building/marketing, what would it be? What is the easiest way to giving the people what they want? The mainstays from 1994? What is it you do every single day that any business, small or large alike, should also devour in order to build their authority while establishing connections between all who are starving, anxious for a feast in the wide world of web and link building?

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