The Page Load Concern of SEO

Google’s come to a point where they are beginning to hint at page load speed playing a factor in their search engine spiders promotion of certain sites. Remember, we have talked about making sure that your site is easy to use for the users, as well as optimized for the spiders- and it seems with this, that’s all coming together. As I have said before, being solely focused on the spiders alone is a bad idea, and you have to consider your user friendliness as well. Well, it seems as though Google has decided that will also play a factor in how their spider crawls pages and this has a few people wondering what’s next, but also, pointing out that page load speed is becoming even more important than it was before.

“We’re starting to think more and more about ‘Should speed be a factor in Google’s rankings?’” Google Software Engineer Matt Cutts said. “Historically, we haven’t used it in our search rankings, but a lot of people within Google think that the Web should be fast. It should be a good experience, so it’s sort of fair to say ‘If you’re a faster site, maybe you should get a little bit of a bonus.’”

Most people working with search engine optimization insofar as their own websites will find this to be advantageous, I think. Unless you are working with a great deal of multimedia, such as gaming or extensive amounts of video and flash- which, you should be avoiding flash in the first place. Being able to create simple and easy to use web pages is already something that you should be doing in order to make your web sites much more user friendly- and as I’ve said it is a fairly simple task to do this and still offer a very visible means of search engine optimization for the spiders to crawl through. But some don’t agree. Take Brad Canham of Dotcom-Monitor, who says:
“If a large retailer drops a single ranking in its keyword starting in 2010 because of a slow server response time, it could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year” and possibly much more than that, he said. “For the first time, this is being brought front and center as a factor for organic search. Therefore, the pressure will be increased for IT directors to monitor and respond to Internet infrastructure elements like server response time even faster to maintain or improve Google page ranking. The bottom line is that, next year at this time, the online retailers with optimized Web pages that are monitoring their server response times are likely to have a leg up on slower competitors.”

Overall, I believe that this is going to be something that is a benefit to small to medium business owners running web based marketing because it will be something that helps them to focus on keeping things simple.

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