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The Ad Team over at put together an excellent and highly informative list of the Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts when creating ads for design sites. Keeping it short and simple and to the point, they have formed an easy recipe for anyone out there looking to produce an ad that will exceed their performance criteria.

Below is an even shorter synopsis of their list:

  • DO carefully consider the best use of both the ad size and its location.

o    Knowing that an ad’s job is to attract a user’s attention and then to entice them to click on it, sending them to your site, keep in mind that size and location is key. If purchasing a smaller ad space, maybe not even in prime location, aim for animation or something of the sorts to increase its visibility. Static ads work best for large and in-charge ads. No standard ad design should EVER be used for all sites and sizes. I repeat, EVER.

  • DO make sure your ad looks like it belongs on the website.

o    Your ad should be an extension of the site you’re advertising on. Make sure it’s seamless and even if your brand doesn’t exactly fit the site but you know your traffic is there; add minor design elements that encourage congruency.

  • DO use clear, high-resolution images.

o    No explanation needed; this should be a no-brainer.

  • DON’T use too much text in your ad.

o    Minimal texts lends to the most success. Remember an ad’s PRIMARY focus is to get the reader to your site. Make it visually appealing.

  • DO pay attention to font choice for your ad text.

o    Take note of the font usage within the site you’re advertising and follow their lead.

  • DO consider displaying a variety of your projects, especially at different price points.

o    Try to showcase something for everyone.

  • DON’T be mysterious or vague with your ad.

o    Always strive for a combination of attractive and clear, but if ever forced to choose between the two, clarity wins, EVERY TIME.

  • DON’T use the same ad on every site you advertise on (if you’re advertising on multiple sites at once)

o    Please read all of the above bullets as this was clearly implied time and again already.

  • DO consider experimenting with animation.

o    Although still product photos in a loop receive recognition consistently, even more so do the unusual animation transitioning within the same frame.

  • DO keep it simple.

o    Ads with minimal text and clear, simple imagery tend to perform best, regardless of ad size.

All in all, great key points touched upon by the ever so talented Ad Team over at Design Sponge. Their final thoughts: Remember to focus on the reader’s experience of VIEWING the ad more so than what you THINK you need to convey in your ad. Refer BACK to the ad’s PRIMARY job. Get them to your site. THEN convey until your little heart desires. Our final thoughts? Design Sponge’s take on best creating an ad that will outperform other ads? Design Sponge: FTW.

You can visit to get the original report. < another great article by design sponge.

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