The Viral Spiral: Are you equipped to go viral?

93b46b79c7ec46e2There’s a lot of buzz lately around the internet and online marketing communities about viral marketing and the benefits of implementing that in your own plans for web work. If you’ve found yourself sort of wondering if this is for you and how you would go about creating a viral marketing strategy, and what you might do to make this work for you- you’re not alone. Many people all over seem to be asking the same question.

Use your feedback. As you go about using social networking in order to better your business, you’ll get comments. Lots of them- look at each and every one as a chance to gain more hits to your site, more discussion going, and pay careful attention to what they have to say about you and what you could do better. Weed through the inevitable negativity and seek out the good things, there.

Take a good hard look at all the diggs, retweets and shares you get. The places you see these posted, the linkbacks- all of those things are important and will help you to better understand your target audience, and what they’re looking for in your posts. There are many different sites, many different blogs and such that you’ll find your link displayed on, so make use of that information and tailor a few things to meet the need of the people sharing what you’ve posted. If you are not making use of things like Digg, Stumbleupon and Twitter- you’re seriously missing out, so tap into that resource and get the word going. The more entertaining and informative you make your content the better and the more further traveled it will be for you- bringing in tons of potential new hits, and even more promise for more business because of that.

Make use of videos, photos and anything you can do to enhance what you are posting- if you’re working on something that you can do a step by step, include a short informative video. If you can give someone an inside peek into the process, do, people love that and it makes your company more approachable, more user friendly and does show that you care about those who are reading or watching what you have to say. And take it a step further, by continuing to create new and fresh content all the time.

More than that? If you do get linked make sure that you interact with whoever did the linking. Shoot them an email and thank them for linking, get in on the discussion that has stemmed from your content and make sure that you are really continuing to further things along by making your business, website or whatever it is you mean to share more user friendly. A little thank you note can make a big difference when it comes time for you to have more content posted, wherever you’re wanting it to go.