Time to Make Keywords Do the Work for Your Website

Internet connectionDeciding to have an online presence is part and parcel to running a successful business these days- more so for attorneys than most may think. Being able to work with SEO, building an effective website that grabs attention and hits is definitely something you just cannot afford to not know how to do. First, let’s talk a little about just what SEO is- this stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically this is getting your name at the top of a search engine list via the keywords that are pertaining to your particular services.

Having gone through that, how do you make a website that makes it up in the rankings?

First off, do a little research. Check out the competition, as chances are good there are a great number of other attorneys in your particular legal services that are already utilizing SEO in order to enhance their own online marketing. Pay careful attention to those on the front search page and in the ad sponsored listings and jot down things you like about the way their site is presented.

Know Your Clients- you already have a good handle on the sorts of cases that you deal with and you know how to manage your customers once they’re in your office, but consider before. Consider the sort of people who are looking for your services, and what questions, concerns and issues they may be facing. Make your website attractive to that client base. There’s really no reason to make it attractive to others- just the client base you are looking for. Streamlining things makes it easier for those who are looking for your services to find you.

Now we are going to get right into the meat of SEO: Keywords. This is one area where you cannot afford to fall short. After you know your competition and you know your client base, and with those ideas in mind- begin to think about words you might search, were you looking for your own services. Your location, your services, phrases and questions that someone may ask you, your law firm’s name, attorney names in the firm- all of those things make great key words. Think on it like you would, were you making a search. If you were searching for say, Basset Hounds- you’d type in “Basset Hounds”. If you wanted to know why your basset hound is always scratching at his nose, you might type “Itchy Basset Hound”, “Basset Hound Nasal Issues”, “Basset Hound Flea Treatments” and so on, and so forth. You can really build up a great many keywords this way.

A tool you may want to check out is the Google Adwords Keywords tool, which will give you a full list of keywords based on the keywords you have already been working with, and other synonyms and helpful ideas. Being able to use SEO in your own website for online marketing needn’t be as confusing as you may think it is- and it can be a big boon to your overall marketing plan.