Tracking Your Competitor's Links – Xray Vision Rocks

backlink backboneThere’s a great deal of talk about tracking your own links and how important that can be, but if you want to keep abreast of what the competition is doing- you’ll need to learn to track their links, too. This is an important part of search engine optimization that many overlook when they are doing it themselves- no one thinks that perhaps getting your eyes on what the competition is doing, would help you, but it does. This helps you to find out not only who the people link to, but usually you can find out why, and more than that, why they are not linking to you.

Now, sure, many marketing gurus, experts and those talking about on line marketing campaigns bring up linkscape– and it is a very useful tool. Link scape enables you to do quite alot, actually- everything from making sure that your links are coming from quality sites you’d want to be affiliated with to checking out just how successful your own viral marketing is. However, what it does not do is determine whether or not the list includes no follow links. There are many different link intersect tools around there to be had, and you can find them fairly easily- these will enable you to really see everything in a better way. But in using that particular tool, you can do quite a lot- once you have that valuable information, which also includes finding your own strengths and weaknesses- you can then go on to build much better sites with much better traffic and link response. You can also learn which pages are weak- and how to link to them from your strong ones, boosting each in popularity. There are a number of things that you can do- tools just like this one out there that can help you to really give a bit of a punch to your on line marketing campaign. Tools like this are also great for figuring out just which keywords are working for not only you- but your competitors.

The advantages to looking into others’ links are many, really and it’s actually a very important thing to do- you make sure that you know how they are getting the word out and you can do so yourself, in a similar manner. But also, you can see how popular their sites are, have a look around and note what they are doing that you are not- and that helps you learn what people are responding to, and how you might wrap your own style around it and make your own marketing much better for that. Being able to keep in tune with the things that are going on, and the trends that others are already riding is a pretty smart move for anyone involved in an on line marketing plan and being better able to make your marketing work for you.