Training Your Webteam

Okay so your in house web team thinks training is a chore.  It doesn’t have to be though!  Here are some tips to easily make training fun for everyone.

Create an easily accessible mini reference library.  Most people have a level of motivation to learn on their own and self-study.  If you can buy quality resources that your team has access to, you are helping them train themselves, and this is very affordable as training goes.  Compare the cost of a mini library to the increase in traffic and conversion they can bring.  Self-education is the best investment you can make.  Additionally having the resources on hand in your reference library will not only help the current staff, but new team members in the future as well, whereas if you sent your team to a conference then only those who’ve gone would retain the information.

Join them!  Set up a group study session, and join the group.  Joining your team for a study session shows a certain humility, and admits that you can learn from them as well.  Think about this when considering setting up a group study session:  Studies have shown that you will remember 95% of what you teach others, but only 10% of what you read.

Create contests and competitive games.  People competing to learn have more motivation to do so.  If you have enough people, break them up into teams.  The strong will automatically help the weak on their teams, in order to improve the teams overall knowledge and skills.  Let there be prizes, such as winning team picks Friday’s lunch, or they choose a group activity for the entire web team.

Since the ultimate goal is to improve the business, how about awards for the idea or improvement of the month.  Congratulate whoever came up with the idea for generating the greatest conversion lift, or reducing the volume of support calls, etc.  And bring it full circle by making the award a new purchase to the reference library that they get to choose.

Giving non-analysts access to the “read only” analytics is a great idea for improving job satisfaction.  This way people who have contributed to the traffic growth, conversion rate or other KPIs can login when they want to and see the effects of their work.  Craftsmen get to see and feel the effects of a their hard work, so should your team.

Be likable.  People are much more willing to help, listen and respect you if they like you.  Apply one on one time where needed.  Try taking a different team member out to lunch once a week.  If they like you they will be more open to sharing their problems that may affect job performance.

What I hope has come across here is that training your web team doesn’t have to be drudgery, or a chore.  You can make it fun if you use the right techniques, and have the right motivators.