Twitter Retweets Quickly

People who use Twitter for marketing are gaining some ground and the latest developments are cracking down on spammers and making Twitter a much easier to use marketing tool than ever before. On November 5th, the site began its use of the ‘retweet’ button in earnest, the site says that they are also working on making trending topics a little more smoothly running and making it even easier for users to find relevant Tweets. While this nails spammers, it can be a big advantage to those utilizing viral marketing- but you have to be able to do it correctly. Being able to introduce Twitter into your online marketing plans is a great thing, but, if you aren’t working with effective seo and marketing tools, you may just be wasting your time. However, this latest improvement will make it much easier for this to become a much more useful tool for those who do understand the best ways to put it into practice and to make it work for them.

The way that it worked before, was users would either have to copy and paste, add the links with a retweet tag, and then tweet the links themselves. Some were using outisde applications to make this easier, however, those weren’t always as reliable as they should be. Now, when a user finds something interesting and wants to share, or a time sensitive contest or deal- they can simply retweet it now. This works out well for those engaging in ethical marketing practices that use the service because now, rather than having the trending topics based on a few nasty spammers- those who have legitamite contests and deals can quickly get the word out to interested users. The interested users then pass the information along quickly and effectively.

Twitter spokesperson Jenna Dawn had this to say:
<em>As Twitter grows and the number of tweets each day continues to astound us, we’ve noticed an increasing amount of clutter in the public timeline, especially with trending topics. Trends began as a useful way to find out what’s going on but has grown less interesting due to the noisiness of the conversation. </em>

She was speaking of spammers who use the site to pornbait- not of businesses that had a genuine topic or offering, and with this innovation it may be easier than ever to use Twitter in your viral marketing campaign. In order to use the service effectively, though as a part of your online marketingoutside, you’ll need tlegitimateo know how to use it wisely and make it work for you, as many others are already doing. With every innovation, the implications of Twitter used in an online marketing campaign grow. So, consider this, when you’re thinking about if Twitter is worth your while- it may be much more useful to your business and online marketing than you think, and it is clear that they intend to make it easier than ever to effectively use Twitter as a marketing tool.