Dragons & Tigers – Two Bloggers Wildly Different Paths To Success

While at the Blueglass SEO convention in Tampa this past Monday and Tuesday [Twitter #BGTPA], one of the sessions involved the meteoric rise of two of the most popular blogs in the internet marketing space. The personalities of the blogs and the way they went about building their product couldn’t be any more different, yet both did exceptionally well. This blog post makes a pathetic attempt at deciphering how a dragon and a tiger can both achieve the same thing…..success in business through blogging.

Jeremy Shoemoney Breathes Fire – How A Dragon Used A Wicked Tongue To Build An Empire

First I think it is important to note that Shoemoney is a dick, at least that’s what 50% of people would say. If you ask him, he will probably agree. It works for him because he is so intrusively genuine about himself and what he does, that you can’t help but respect him for doing it. He is also a really nice guy that takes the time to talk to just about anyone at a conference.  This article isn’t about Shoemoney’s personality, it’s about what made his blog so popular. I wanted to boil Shoemoney’s success down to the essence and to keep with my overly cheesy theme. To do it,  I choose FIRE! Shoemoney breathes fire. Sure, there is a chance that fire will burn you if you don’t know what you are doing and get too close, but there is something incorruptibly pure about fire. You can stare into it for hours watching the flames dance. That is a perfect way to describe a man that leaves nothing off limits on his blog, including his personal life and gastric bypass surgery.

So how to did he put fire to use to build a massive following? You can’t just go be honest and build hundreds of thousands of followers. You have to build value, which can be difficult. Shoemoney wasn’t just some kid blogging about how to make a good mac-n- cheese sandwich. He was killing it in the affiliate marketing game. What made him different was he was killing it and openly talking about it. Honesty wasn’t enough. There had to be substance behind the honesty. To keep with my theme, let’s call this value “fuel”. Without fuel you have no fire. Shoe threw lots of fuel on his fire by building value to his readers, then they idealized him for the unique way he went about sharing what he had learned.

At the conference he uttered a recurring theme I have heard from many successful bloggers, “If you don’t love it, you shouldn’t be doing it.” I strongly believe this mantra and want to add that if you’re going to take the time to do it, you better bring some value!! It’s OK if you aren’t an expert in your subject matter when you start, it takes time, but you better figure out a way to bring some unique value. Whether it’s aggregating great resources on your business, or providing productivity tools to your target market  and figuring out your own way of doing things, bring value or stay home.

Brian Clark CopyBlogger – Hunting For The Perfect Copy, and building a reputation for being a consistent provider of exceptional content

I am going to start by admitting that I sat in front of my computer for a half hour trying to draw a parallel between Clark and a tiger and couldn’t, but I loved my title so much I said screw it and moved on. So Brian is like a tiger because I say so. It works for me. Copyblogger has done one thing consistently since it started: it talks about taking the simple act  of writing or producing content, and turns it into a iceberg. The article itself may be the 10% above the service, but below you find the bulk of the work. The psychology, content planning, calls to action, selling, branding, and a ton of other goodies. Brian isn’t as painfully honest as Shoemoney, but that isn’t his personality. It’s not his angle. Copyblogger took the angle of simplicity. Everything on the site screams that the overly complicated idea of internet marketing can be made very simple. That was Copyblogger’s angle, not its value.

Copy blogger built value, lots of value, and people listened. Brian began spitting out concepts that help people improve their lives regularly, and they responded. He did it systematically, and he did it well. Then he eventually built the concept into a business model.

What Do Dragons & Tigers Have In Common?

On the surface very little. Look deep down, and the story is much different. Both dragon’s and tigers were so widely revered for how well the represented the idea of a predator with raw power. Completely different animals used to represent a common idea. Shoemoney, and Brian Clark both took drastically different roads to online fame. What is the same though, is that both did not think of their blogs as the core value of their business. (That is an assumption of mine, either can correct me if they would like to respond). Shoemoney wrote about other things he was doing that would have made him successful regardless of whether he ever picked up blogging. Brian was more worried about getting together conceptual ideas on copywriting that could have brought value as training courses offline,  or any other form. In both cases the blogs were just tools to distribute the value they were creating.

The Moral Of The Story – Build Value Or Something Will Eat You

No matter how bad you want it to be true, reading an ebook will not make you an online millionaire, and creating a twitter account will not help your brick and mortar business grow unless you have some sort of value to bring to the world and share through that conduit. The first step is always to figure out how you are going to build value to your audience or target market, then you can worry about the logistics of how to deliver that value. This is the same regardless of whether you choose to be in SEO, internet marketing, or get a job as an accountant.

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