User Generated Content?

As you well know by now, there are all types of content out there. You also know that content is king- if you glance around any SEO forum or blog, that’s the thing you’ll see repeated over and over. And, I just repeated it here. It’s vital to the success of your web site that you continually update with regular, fresh content. It’s not only for the search engines- but for your users also. As far as it goes, though, writing out content takes time. Many people may be great salespeople, lawyers, doctors, you name it- but they may just not be inclined towards writing. That’s pretty normal in and of itself. It’s usually not all that hard to optimize things, but wow. Three articles every other day, or a few blogs every day, and you begin to sort of go cross eyed whenever whatever program you use to begin text based content comes up. Even those of us who do write quite a bit, are sometimes stuck for what to write about, but, there’s a way around this and that way is user generated content. This is beneficial for a few reasons.

Think about it. You’re trying to build fruitful and profitable relationships with a target audience. The internet has shown us time and time again, that people want to be heard. Giving your web site visitors a chance to do that is great. It makes them feel as though you value their opinions in an even bigger way. It also generates content for you so that you can be doing other things. Granted, you cannot depend on user generated content for all of your needs, it can definitely help. It’s especially a good idea because whenever someone does something like this, they want to show it off. Instant back links. It’s a different sort of approach that has worked well for a number of people and businesses.

Many businesses have things like polls on their sites, or question and answer sections- these are all incredibly intelligent choices as they encourage the user to participate while at the same time, can display your know how and understanding of your niche. This also answers questions and, if when you’re putting it together for the site, you happen to frame those questions perhaps a bit long tail- you’ve got a winner.

You might be sitting there asking, “Well, what would my web site visitors possibly be able to say about my business/industry/etc?” You’d be pretty amazed, and you’d also be interested to know, if your business participates in anything charitable, you’ve got a shot right there for a marketing campaign that really pops. For instance, say your business is a regular supporter of Habitat For Humanity. Your employees or partners are often on site helping out, you even just donate a bit of money- however you handle it. If there were an incentive to participate, say, by a contest on your blog- there you go. Not only do you get to help out your great cause in a powerful way by raising funds and awareness, you will have people participating on your site.