Using Google Places

You already know how very vital search engine optimization is to getting your site to rank well in the search engines and how important it is to make sure that your site has all it needs; from great content, to powerful meta tags- all of this has been pretty common knowledge for some time now and you know that all of these things come together to boost your search engine rankings and get your site, therefor your business, noticed faster. However, there is another tool that many don’t use, perhaps they are unaware of how powerful it can really be, or they just aren’t well versed in web marketing- it’s not an unknown secret, though- it’s Google Places, formerly known as Google Local Business. This powerful tool can get your site noticed before your competitors for one reason that can make all the difference- location, location, location. Rather than using other means of ranking, Google Places uses your place on the map- and think about it, if you were looking for your product or service- and say you lived in Saint Louis. Would you really want to go all the way to Memphis?

Now this is not to say you still don’t need to use search engine optimization, you do- this is simply a good thing to include in your over all internet marketing plans. Creating good content on your site- that is still going to be one of the things that sets you apart from others like you, locally, who have decided to use this powerful tool and more. There are a wealth of reasons you would not want to discontinue your other search engine efforts- and also some pretty amazing ways you can use Google Places to enhance those as well. Keeping abreast of these changes that have been made can help- all the time, Google is making improvements to their local programs and definitely they mean to help customers keep it local- which has been the trend and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. Google Places has a variety of different tools you can use to help and when used in tandem with your existing search engine optimization program becomes unstoppable in making sure that your business gets noticed above the competition. The end goal of any search engine optimization plan is ultimately getting your site noticed- now, if a customer is on their mobile phone, seeking out services they need, Google Places puts those businesses that are the closest to them right there at the top of the search page. You can see why that would be a handy thing for the customer, right in that. However, when you work this into your search engine plan as opposed to trying to use it alone- when the customer gets a list of those places at the top of the page, your site is what keeps them.

Set up is a breeze- this is one of the most user friendly aspects of Google initially and getting started is simple.

•Go to Google Places homepage at

• Sign into your google account- if you don’t have one, that’s okay, go ahead and set one up now, and begin using all the cool offerings Google has simply by having it.

•Click on that “Add new business” option

•Key in all of your information, then next

•If your business is already listed, go ahead and claim it now- if not, it’s easy to add it.

•Then, beef up your listing by bringing on photos, videos, payment options- anything you feel the customers need to know.

•Then, verify your business by phone. When you set up on the last step, make sure you entered a number you can be reached at immediately- all Google will then do is give you a call to let you know a PIN number. Once you have verified your business using the PIN- that’s it. You’re all set up.