Using Social Media to Boost Your Online Exposure

Marketing your firm online is branching out- have a look around the internet and everywhere you look, you’ll find someone marketing something, and doing it well. Being able to take advantage of many of the free advertising venues you can find online can either be done very well, or very, very poorly. With things like blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more out there giving you the ability for up to the minute posting- it’s probably time you considered making use of these valuable and time saving online marketing avenues.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the marketing potential for Facebook. Facebook has more than 300 million active users. Many of which are probably in your network and can be potential clients, if you have what it takes to make it happen. But how do you go about promoting and marketing your lawfirm on Facebook? By posting informative, short and to the point articles and opinions about the world around you. You can use Facebook as a sort of interactive newsletter- this would enable you to take questions, answer them in posts and then everyone in your network can see the level of professionalism and care you give each and every client you work with. Facebook can be a valuable tool for marketing if done right- avoid spamming inboxes and just stick to wall posts and notes. You can also import your blogs, link back to your home page and your website, and much more through this valuable, and free networking tool. Online marketing can be a very personal, very effective medium, and if you are clear and direct, you’ll find Facebook is a useful tool for this.

Next, we’ll go into Twitter marketing- which is something that has boomed in a bTwitter-Logo ig way. Not only are you able to make short posts via the microblogging platform- but hits to your links can be easily tracked so you are well aware if you are reaching your target audience. Building your following up slowly, but making sure you are building a good following is the first step. Make sure that you are bringing some quality content and you will find that a following comes pretty easily to you. Being careful to maintain a balance and keep things light, but still relevant will enable you to bring across a more direct message while building relationships with both potential and existing clients. Again, you should be able to link to things such as blogs, announcements and newsfeeds, as well as being able to briefly talk about events you are attending or work you are currently doing.

Social networking is a great, free tool for online marketing and many attorneys are making new clients each and every day. Simply in keeping a good network of new traffic going through both of the mediums listed above and their own websites and blogs, attorneys just like yourself are finding that online marketing may be just as simple as ‘making new friends’.