Utilizing Social Bookmarking for Marketing

Social bookmarking is arguably the most beneficial aspects of social media for business.  Social bookmarking offers several benefits, allowing you to promote your website while creating important links that help boost your relevancy on search engines.  If your business isn’t using social bookmarking as part of its SEO/SEM campaign, then you are missing out on a golden opportunity for some free promotions.

How does social bookmarking work?   Social bookmarking utilizes free, public websites to save bookmark links and share them with other users.  The principle behind this is that if other users like your bookmarks they will a) visit your site and b) share your bookmark with others.   This presents a invaluable opportunity for savvy businesses to do some gorilla marketing.

The process of social bookmarking is fairly simple and straightforward.  However, it can be a little bit time consuming, especially at first.  Still, when it’s all said and done it is well worth the time spent to set up and maintain your presence on social bookmarking sites.

Start out by setting up accounts on as many social bookmarking sites as possible:, www.,, and are good ones to get you started.  For more, just Google “social bookmarking sites” and you will get enough to keep your marketing department busy for days just setting up accounts.

When setting up your accounts try to make your site description as alluring as possible.  You want people to actually visit your site, so don’t just put “we are x and we do y”, jazz it up and make it appealing.  If you can’t hook them with pizzazz, then at least try to peak their curiosity enough to pay you a visit.

Almost all social bookmarking sites allow you to associate certain keywords with your account.  You want to compile a list of your strongest keywords and submit them.  Don’t skimp on long tail keywords.  This isn’t like optimizing your site.  You don’t have to reign in your keyword use.  Go nuts with it.

This most important thing is that you keep up with your accounts.  Social bookmarking isn’t a one-time operation.  It is perpetual.  Your bookmarks will go stale pretty quick, so you need to be updating constantly and consistently.  Bookmark every blog, article, press release, etc.

That doesn’t mean that you should bookmark every single page of your site.  Nobody cares about your contact page before they visit your site.  Only link to quality content.  If you are doing a good job with you SEO then you should have plenty to link to and plenty of new stuff to keep your social bookmarks fresh.

If you links are to compelling, quality content pages on your site then you will likely be very impressed by the amount of traffic your social bookmarking brings.  Again, the key is to consistently and continually update your links.  If you only link once then let your account slide you will notice a definite drop off in traffic generated from your lonely only bookmark.  Keep it fresh and up-to-date with worthwhile links and your traffic will grow and grow.


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