Video and Viral For Attorneys

I had mentioned before that when you are wanting to promote a viral marketing program, that video is a key and central element to being able to pull it off in a way that really succeeds. Recently, Thomson Reuters did an entire presentation entitled Video: The Next High-Impact Marketing Tool for Attorneys. You can view the entire presentation by following the link, but I would like to provide a short summary of what is discussed in the presentation itself.

The study showed that show that consumers research 4.8 Web sites, on average, before choosing an attorney online. This goes down to 1.8 websites, however, when those sites contain video. This is a pretty significant finding that does show that not only is viral great for entertainment- as I showed you with the Christopher Walkin bit not too long ago, but it is powerful when it comes to informing potential clients of the services you provide and inspiring trust in your company or businesses. They presentation goes on to talk about how using video, you create a much more personal and really shows the character and personalities of the attorneys in your firm- and it takes away the intimidation factor that some have when it comes to attorneys.

Also, at this time, and I also know this from my own research- there are more legal firms out there with text only sites, or perhaps they’ve got text and photos, but no video. This is something that is slowly changing and still yet, video is a very effective way to have your firm stand out from the crowded and competitive world of internet search to really reach the customers and clients in a stronger and more effective way. The presentation then goes on to talk about the way that you make the video itself and things that are seen as effective in this.

  • 76% prefer interview style in an attorney or firm profile:
  • Informal conversation vs. formal, rehearsed script
  • Want to see the personality of the attorney
  • Want to contact a firm/attorney that “looks successful”and professional

And then, again emphasizing the need to plan the video before you film it. Be sure that you have exactly what you want to say, and how you wish to say it ready and well practiced- though you don’t want to sound like a formal, stuffy or rehearsed script, no, you want to sound confident in what you are saying, and the information that your relay in your video. Consider answering, when it is possible- some frequently asked client questions or concerns about your particular branch of law, or even just what things makes you different from your competitors. Knowing exactly what the advertising ethics are in your state prior to creating a video is key and your advertising department will likely have that information.