Video Is Where It's At

According to a recent New York Times article, news websites are using much more in the way of videos- primarily in advertising. Why is explained in the article as a pretty simple concept: commercialism. Advertising budgets are feeling the pinch of the bad economy of the past few years, but somehow, video ads continue to do very well. The article goes on to quote K. C. Estenson, the general manager of as saying, “people are using the Internet in a different way now.” He added, “With broadband penetration becoming ubiquitous and more and more sites having this easy capability, people are expecting video to be there.”
It then goes on to say that Beyond news sites, video is now the fastest-growing segment of the Internet advertising market. Digital video amounted to $477 million in revenue in the first half of 2009, up 38 percent from the same time period in 2008, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

So what does this mean for content? Video is the way to go. Videos get more results, faster than most other forms of content, and if you utilize a video with really excellent text based content, you end up with a winning combination that really captivates people. Think about the popularity of television ads- yet, these are on demand bits of information, advertisements, and offers that users have more control over, and therefor, find more appealing. The other difference, President of Charles W. Tillingast says, is in the ease of sharing, “The Web is fulfilling this promise of being a medium where you can enjoy video as much as you can see it on TV,” he goes on to say, “The difference online is, if you want to do something with it — share it, stick it on a blog, post it on a Facebook page, or mark it and save it — you can do all that. And that was never possible before.”

So as you can see, the popularity of video in viral marketing, and just out and out advertising is gaining some steam. Businesses that have video alongside text content find that there are more hits to their content, their website and a greater level of backlinking, sharing and continued interest in further content. Using blogs and RSS feeds to continually spread the videos is an even more powerful way to utilize this enhanced marketing technique and further expand your audience, as well as providing yet another sharable medium for marketing. Videos are already known as a much more personal and direct means of connecting with your target audience, and it is clear from the recent statistics that it is definitely gaining ground. Businesses from small to enterprise are now in on this and it’s something that continues to grow in popularity.