Video Marketing | Advertising

Video Marketing/Advertising

InBusiness, Inc. identifies the psychographics and demographics of one’s ideal audience to drive more traffic and more sales through one’s website. By targeting the different types of buyer personas, our video marketing techniques will help you not only reach consumers, but also catch the eye of influential people within one’s industry. Video marketing with InBusiness, Inc. will open attract the traffic you want and the sales you need.

The different types of advertising for videos consists of:


A pre-roll video advertisment displays before a video played for the user. It can be up to 30 seconds long and will be seen by the viewer prior to viewing the video that they have chosen to view. There are options available that make the pre-roll advertisement unable to be skipped, making your message known before any other message.


A mid-roll ad is displayed near the bottom of the video with clickable text and a link to one’s website/landing page of choice. This is a way to show one’s advertising message during a video to a user. They are able to see it for 30 seconds before it disappears from view.


After a user’s video has been fully viewed, one’s post-roll video advertisement will then be played. These can run up to a maximum of 30 seconds as well. It is important to make post-roll video ads as relevant and attention grabbing as possible prior to a user closing the video.