Video Marketing: Make Your Business Visual

Online marketing for law firms is leaping into a new era with more and more attorneys looking at marketing via blogs, articles, websites, social netimagesworking and even video. How you promote your firm is a crucial part of keeping ahead of the game and being able to succeed using newer technologies and tools at your disposal now- many of them free of charge, eliminating much of the overhead of advertising in more traditional ways. Creating a video to use for marketing purposes is one way to set your firm, and your business apart from the rest and show that you do have a commanding presence.

The Online Publishers Association recently published a report that stated that 52% of viewers who watched a video that was included with a press release then went on to take some other action associated with that particular publication. Be it click a link, visit a website, or make contact for more information, it’s clear that adding a video presentation to your marketing plan is a surefire way to garner much more attention than with simply using text alone.

Viral marketing, as it is known, is a way of basically getting others to do the marketing for you- the more interesting the content, the longer reaching it is, the more inclined others are to share. Videos are one of the greatest ways to have this happen, as well as your other content and links. This useful tool can also be used to further optimize your website, your articles, your blogs and your press releases. Using a video, you can basically make it the center point of an online marketing campaign that pops, that catches interest and causes others to not only take note, but to spread the word, as well. From a video, most people will want to get more information so they are likely to follow that video to the source linked, and go on to perhaps inquire further.

From the video, if they then also go to your website and spend longer periods of time reading through the information you have to offer- yet another online marketing tool comes into play, search engine optimization, or SEO.

The key is in releasing short, informative or entertaining videos and seeding them with the things you want your client base to know about the services that you can offer them as an attorney. From there, they will tend to seek out more information, and this increases traffic to your website, bringing about a better status in most search engines. Keeping your content updated, fresh and interesting on the website is the next step, and from there, you bring about more clients via internet marketing. Even if you have never done SEO, don’t know a thing about video, having a few videos out there that further promote and intrigue people to look further is a smart online marketing tool for any attorney seeking a better web presence.