Video's Viral Importance

I talked a little bit here and there about using videos in viral campaigns- and this is an important thing, but let me show you an example seen lately of a viral video- bear in mind this was not really marketing. This was just something really funny that went all over the internet: (Please bear in mind, this is Christopher Walkin reading a Lady GaGa song- therefor you may want to turn your sound down a little or just watch at home. There isnt any bad language.)

This was the number two most shared video last week. The reason I bring this up, is if you will have a look at Unruly Media’s Breakdown here, you’ll see- this is a great example of how to make a viral video work for you. Looking at the breakdown chart you will see a couple of things to note and I think you can also see how you could then apply this to online marketing and what sort of value it could have.
•The video was “discovered” on October 31st, and between then and the date I am writing this- roughly a week, it had 2,060,261 views.
•463 blog posts
and 3,627 tweets.

Now of course, you’re probably not Christopher Walkin and I would hope you’re not going to try to do a rendition of Poker Face- but, this says alot about the average internet user. I also read some pretty funny blogs last week, but I didn’t bother reposting them- and neither did anyone else. Video is most certainly the key player in a viral marketing campaign and is something that if done well, can stretch out far and wide and impact a much greater audience- and, as this rather interesting cover shows us, is shared far and wide. So consider this when you wonder if making videos for your content is worth your while. It’s quite obvious, if you even run a random youtube search for commercials- videos get more results, especially when they are done well and are entertaining for the viewers, because they will then share them with others who may be interested. This is why creating a video is a very smart way to present the information you have- because videos are very sharable, and on the internet, word travels fast about a good one.