Volume Blogging and Long Tail

For newer blogs, volume blogging may be the way to go. If you are really working towards gaining visitors so that you can develop your audience, blogging frequently pads your archives with the content you need and actually can be a natural way to gain more traffic from search engines. Once you do establish a fairly decent blog- that is, you’re getting the back links you need, you can also use volume blogging in order to cultivate an even broader audience. Generally speaking, the more posts you make, the more search traffic you will get- especially if you have a new blog, domain or web site that does not have the benefit of the sort of ‘grandfathered’ traffic that can come of that. This does not mean skimp out on the quality aspect at all- as a matter of fact, if you are going to work with a high volume of content or blogs- you have to be sure that it is quality. Anything less than top notch content will just look spammy and artificial.

This is also an incredible way to make use of the long tail keywords I’ve mentioned before- but before you do this, you will need to figure out which ones you need to include. Now, the argument on long tail is still going on- some say that this is not a good way to focus directly, but I have to disagree. When you have higher amounts of competition for your keyword groups of three- I think that using a long tail keyword phrase, which is one that is more than three words in a keyword group. For instance, imagine you’re doing a Google search on finding a good plastic surgeon. You have some questions about how a certain procedure works. You could Google search “nose job”, or “rhinoplasty” – the truth is, the majority of those who are seeking out plastic surgery are more likely to use the casual keyword, “nose job”- just as a side note, so including both of those keywords is smart. But what’s even smarter?
“What is the recovery time for a nose job”. Let me show you, rather than tell you, what I mean.
Google search nose job- and you get this result:

“Results 1 – 10 of about 7,920,000 for nose job”

Google search “What is the recovery time for a nose job” however, and it shows this:
“Results 1 – 10 of about 289,000 for what is the recovery time for a nose job.”

Now, you tell me which is more focused and direct? If you think about the services or products you provide and the questions your customers have asked you about them- these are useful in a more focused and direct approach. Throw these phrases into your blogs, and you will find that people who have very specific questions find you much faster.

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