Want to Be An Ass? Top Ways To Annoy Your Customer Base

I actually started this little experiment using Facebook and Twitter. I begged the question first, what were the things that a company utilizing social media as a business networking and marketing tool did that really got your attention. I received a few answers and I’ll go into that in a bit, but wow, the overwhelming thing happened when I asked the flip side of the question- what mistakes do companies make using those networking tools. There were a bunch of answers. If you’re using 3075660981_93d1ff8f4fsocial networking as a way to boost your SEO, or as a way to simply market yourself in a more personal way- listen up, the public has spoken and wow, did they ever.

First, we’ll have a look at the good- and the good was that people liked being able to interact. Various quizzes and surveys posted, polls where you could win gift cards and other perks were a huge thing. People like to feel like they are gambling a bit- and having a survey posted on the website- which was linked to from either Twitter or Facebook not only gained the site hits, but answered some questions and created a broader range of trust in the brand. Brilliant, right? Well, the other thing that people enjoyed was being able to have first hand looks at new things coming up- knowing about sales and deals before anyone else. So, there are a couple of good things about using these sites to promote your website- but then, what happened in the cases of those who did link back to their site?
Some were thrilled- the site was easy to navigate, well put together and all mentioned that from the link, they went on to explore the site further. Save for a few- these few mentioned that the sites they didn’t continue to look through had annoying pop ups, was hard to navigate, and made looking for things difficult- so, you can discern from that, that having a well put together site is a part of the bigger overall picture.

The bad? Overupdaters. These are the ones who are repeating the same update many times a day. Sure, you want your client base to have an up to the minute look at your comings and goings- but if those have not changed, what’s the point? Another area where many expressed a great deal of annoyance was in the non-personable nature. A company that adds someone and then doesn’t interact is missing the boat on social networking marketing in a big way- find someone to update and manage your social networking site and you’ll find you do personalize, you do build a greater trust and your clients and potential customers aren’t going to neglect to notice that.

Integrating social networking into your overall marketing strategy is a great thing, if done right. Customers know what they need to, they head back to the site you link them to, your site is well put together- they look around, thus increasing hits to your site.