Warning: Don’t Even Think Of Doing Adwords PPC Until You’ve Got Call Tracking

phone call tracking

phone call trackingWe run into a lot of different scenario’s when we are dealing with our many different clients at InBusiness, Inc. The one that this white paper is going to tackle is a common problem that many businesses deal with, tracking phone call conversions for service based companies doing pay per click marketing.

Dynamic Call Tracking & How It Can Save You Thousands

Dynamic call tracking is the industry best practice for determining which keyword phrases are helping to grow your business through PPC and which search phrases are blowing your advertising budget. They work by showing each new visitor to your site a unique phone number from a pool of available numbers that gets recycled after all the numbers have been used. The system allows tracking analytics to know which keyword originated a call on the web. For dynamic call tracking to work effectively, you have to have enough. The more traffic your site has the more numbers you need.

Dynamic call tracking can save your business thousands of dollars by allow you to determine which phrases are bringing in new customers. Once a ppc consultant knows the conversion rate of these terms they can reallocate your marketing budget so that more of your money goes to the terms that are bringing you business, and not just the ones that get clicked on the most.

Why Call Tracking Is So Important To  Service Based Business

Many people have no idea how detailed you can get with the amount and types of data that can be tracked online. The largest e-commerce stores have mastered this. The granularity of data they have allows them to see the difference in performance for a variety of sales conversion metrics like time of day, location, what information a website visitor reads prior to purchasing, and how much each sale was worth. They can then track those sales back to where they came from, including the search phrases they used to get to the site. After analyzing this data they are able to improve their paid search campaigns in order to take advantage of a stronger understanding of their buyers habits. It is comparable to playing cards and getting to look at the other players cards.

Unfortunately, tracking this type of granularity is not as easy for phone calls as it is for e-commerce conversion so most serviced based companies tend to skip this part of the process. It is fairly common for businesses to use a single tracking number to determine how many calls from a specific marketing medium like PPC, but they don’t know which keywords originated those phone calls. While both types of call tracking measure volume, only dynamic call tracking measures calls on a per keyword level.

When Call Tracking Is Absolutely Needed

If you are a service based business spending more than a $1000/month in online advertising than it is imperative that you consult a call tracking expert to provide the insight needed to properly manage your budget. While dynamic call tracking won’t get you the returns by itself, it is an invaluable tool in the arsenal of an expert and can easily provide a positive return on investment by way of cost saving almost immediately. Dynamic call tracking allows an expert to use your budget where it matters most.

InBusiness, Inc. has extensive experience in implementing dynamic call tracking for PPC based initiatives. To find out more, request a consultation with an expert today.

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